TODAY   |  March 01, 2013

The latest in celebrity gossip, entertainment, style

Entertainment and lifestyle experts Michelle Beadle of “Access Hollywood,” Alicia Quarles of E!, and Chassie Post of discuss the hottest news and trends in Hollywood and fashion, including upcoming movie “Oz the Great and Powerful,” and fresh floral looks for spring.

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>>> back now at 8:19 with what's new, what's up, what's in, the hottest in everything from fashion to entertainment.

>> let's start with what's new at the movies. michelle vila is host of "crossover" on nbc sports network. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> oscars are done. movies are coming out. "jack the giant slayer" getting a lot of promotion.

>> that's right. we still have the month of march to do. ex-boyfriend of jennifer lawrence , which i'm sure he loves being referred to know. and bill knight plays the voice of the big giant. he sat in his car and screamed every day for 20 minutes to get raspy.

>> this will either be really great or really bad.

>> i feel that about every movie i see now.

>> let's talk about "oz the great and powerful."

>> warner brothers owns the original. disney owns this one. they actually had to come up with a different shade of green. they couldn't overlap at all because of legality issues. you won't see red shoes and all that. it's a prequel.

>> wait, wait, do they have flying monkeys ?

>> yes, you will see monkey.

>> james franco , obviously, in that one. halle berry made a splash at the academy awards . a new movie out called "the call."

>> we've not seen halle berry doing a work lately. she plays a 911 operator . abigail breslin is trapped in a trunk. it's very suspenseful.

>>> from the author of the "twilight" series has a new one.

>> you thought you were done. this is not "twilight." not even close. aliens come down to earth, has been at a time our souls. it will unleash a prop of new sexy young things.

>> no, no, no.

>> thank you very much, michelle. let's go over to al.

>> okay. what's up with your favorite stars? here with the scoop, alicia quarles. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> new face of dior's handbag campaign saying this doesn't look like me in the ad.

>> she was shown the photos and very photo shopped. look how different it looks. she said i love photo shop . this doesn't look like me. kate winslet was photo shopped for gq. everyone is photo shopped. best thing about jennifer lawrence is that she has a sense of humor about it.

>> absolutely. dennis rodman and the leader of north korea ?

>> he went and visited north korea with kim jong un. they were hanging out at an exhibition basketball game. rodman made a speech saying you have a friend for life. they were partying together.

>> that's just bizarre.

>> kim is a big basketball fan. flew dennis over. he got into north korea . there you go.

>> marc anthony has graced our plaza, of course, one time married to jennifer lopez . their twins turning 5. so, j.lo has had a boyfriend for a while. now he has somebody.

>> he has somebody with a lot of money, chloe green . she's 22 years old, the heir of the top shot clothing fortune. he's 44. she's 21 actually. j.lo is 44, dating casper, who is 25. can you keep up with all that?

>> i can't.

>> it's very hard. basically, there they go, all at disneyland with the twins hanging out. marc has a new woman.

>> inquiring minds, mcdonald's, the chicken selects , what's happening?

>> they're dropping the chicken selects .

>> they've unselected them.

>> the horror. people are so upset, mcdonald's has other salads and other healthy options.

>> what about the mcrib?

>> it's still back. don't you worry.

>> lego's has a line for girls.

>> pink and purple lego's. instead of lego man, lego women. you don't have to play with bar barb barbies. some controversy because people are saying why does it have to be pink and purple, stereotypical?

>> you can mix it up.

>> that's right.

>> natalie has our fashion.

>>> wearing all the trends this morning. black and white . i'm seeing black and white .

>> probably the biggest trend we're seeing this spring and it's happening now. so from shoes to bags to, you know, clothing. this is one you want to get in. you'll find it absolutely everywhere. from zara to aldo to banana republic .

>> lots of price points.

>> yes.

>> paired with the pastels.

>> taking a huge stand as we saw at the oscars. all those women in the beautiful sort of frosty dresses from anne hathaway to jennifer lawrence . you can go with a gap jean to like if you want to be so of the moment, with beanie new york fashion week, every fashionista was wearing one of these.

>> really? to nail polish .

>> exactly.

>> gold is bold and beautiful. chunk it all up and wear it all as you are showing us.

>> we love some gold. we love the huge architectural cuffs. wear two. go wonder woman . also layered pieces and now, as of last sunday, rachel roe who styled both anne hathaway and jennifer lawrence brought in the backward necklace.

>> i'll be more trendy now? more on trend?

>> perfect.

>> there we go.

>> florals really quickly. yes, it's about florals with attitude, not the little microflorals this season. from pants to crazy shoes to check out my fingernails.

>> i like those.

>> to appliques. i did these myself, to sunglasses, boat shoes, purses and more.

>> kathy post, as always, great stuff. thank you.

>> thanks, natalie.