TODAY   |  March 01, 2013

David Gregory: Sequester meeting will yield nothing

The host of “Meet the Press” talks with TODAY’s Natalie Morales about the sequester, which will go into effect at 11:59 tonight, Bob Woodward’s recent criticism from the White House, and his upcoming interview with House speaker John Boehner.

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>>> david gregory is the moderator of "meet the press." good morning to you, david.

>> hi, natalie. how are you?

>> i'm great. let's start with your reaction of what you just heard from bob woodward , not with the sequester just yet but the pushback from the white house . other administrations over the years and as part of the white house press corps i imagine you have had your share of nasty e-mails and phone calls.

>> right, i've heard some nasty stuff and bob woodward has heard a lot of nasty stuff that goes beyond this, of course, in his 40 years. bob in his reporting has staked out very clear ground where he is challenging the administration. the administration doesn't like it. you've seen this pushback. all administrations push back hard especially when they're dealing with a high octane reporter and a top-notch reporter like bob woodward . that's just reality in washington . people should want that out of a press corps, particularly covering the white house at any particular level. there is a larger here, that the president does not particularly like the washington press corps and i think that feeling is mutual in a lot of respects. there's not a great relationship between that washington establishment and the president. that, too, by the way, is not unprecedented. i think some of these tensions play out, particularly because i've seen this firsthand. the president -- a lot of the president's advisers are frustrated that they feel they don't get the credit they deserve for the willingness to compromise they see on the president's end, that they do not see reciprocated on the part of the republicans.

>> right. at 11:59 pm tonight, those cuts are going to go into effect. what happens next? as we heard house speaker john boehner say yesterday, you know, it's now closed. it's an issue that's now closed. it's up to the senate. we saw the senate absolutely did nothing yesterday with this. they managed to fail on two competing bills. what happens now?

>> well, nothing immediately. that's a key point. they'll meet today at the white house , as you heard matt discussing with bob woodward , congressional leaders and the president. nothing is going to come of this meeting. the president will make his case that the republicans are being unreasonable, that they ought to consider revenues as part of tax reform and actually apply those to the deficit. they're not going to do that. you know, certainly there will be effects of this if you work for the military and you could be furloughed, if you have a child in head start . some 70,000 out of head start .

>> right.

>> the truth is that this will be a rolling set of impacts that won't really be evident until over the next 30 days and not everybody will be affected. there is a certain amount of waiting to see how big the political outcry becomes before either side moves.

>> we'll be seeing you sunday on "meet the press" and you have house speaker john boehner on as your guest. thanks, david.