TODAY   |  February 28, 2013

Nick Lachey releasing new lullaby album

E! News correspondent Jason Kennedy gives TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda the lowdown on upcoming movies and music, including a new album from New Kids on the Block, and Nick Lachey’s new lullaby record.

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>> oh, it's thirsty thursday, which means it is time for our weekend chatter.

>> here with everything you need to know from movies to music and tv is e news krpt and our dear pal jason kennedy .

>> how are you?

>> nice to see you both.

>> this weekend is a movie-going weekend. what should we see?

>> maybe 21 and over starring "miles teller from "footloose." he had a break-out role. weep keep in mind, this is a movie from the writers kind of "hangover."

>> sophomore and juvenile.

>> you might have to close your ears.

>> any other movies you like, jason? zi like that one a lot, to be honest. i think that's the go to.

>> did you just sneeze?

>> i sneezed. right on television.

>> no one ever sneezes.

>> i have been sick, and now i feel like a million bucks.

>> i never have seen anyone sneeze.

>> how cute?

>> i thought it was a cough.

>> let's watch it again. we don't have it.

>> that was weird.

>> what should we rent if we're going to rent a movie?

>> i feel like you guys like "twilight." a little rob, kristen. i'm kidding.

>> you're wrong.

>> if you need the "twilight" fix, this is the last film in the franchise.

>> it won every razzie.

>> it still does very veshgs well, and then chasing mavericks good.

>> what's that?

>> you guys --

>> my friend abigail spencer is in it. it's about a story about surfing.

>> based on a true story . gerrard butler got really injured shooting this movie. pinned him down by a wave. it's getting good reviews.

>> didn't do as well in the theaters as it should have, but i'm looking forward to that one.

>> let's talk music . nick leche is release agnew cd.

>> first we find out that 98 degrees is going on tour. the ladies were freaking out. they're coming out with an album for the first time in, lining are ten years, and then nick is doing this lullaby album. it's got a lot of the classic lullaby songs, and but he co-wrote four original songs that was inspired by his son. that's coming out in a couple of weeks.

>> we had donny wahlberg op yesterday, and he is excited.

>> it's called the package tour , which is a debatable name.

>> jennifer aniston , some of the plans have been released for her wedding.

>> we saw just sxin jennifer looking happy at the red carpet .

>> she's got the wedding band and the date. she's got the dress.

>> mr. know it all. did they cooperate with this particular "people magazine" interview, or -- i'm just asking.

>> normally they cooperate, but you are getting a lot of sources in this article saying it's going to be an intimate affair with some close friends rash she's not quoted directly, but she also may change her last name privately, so jennifer thorough. among close friends .

>> that's good. they picked the dancing with the stars cast we saw.

>> yes, ashley judd , anyone? andy dick , huh? i'm sorry. i'm starting rumors today.

>> ashley is busy running for the senate.

>> what i was going to say ashley judd talked to wynona about it and was surprise thad her sister, wynona, was going so do it.

>> for herself after helping her husband back to health.

>> andy dick , aliraisman. remember her parents --

>> the one to watch is andy dick . the man can go --

>> at may be a train wreck.

>> love you.

>> love you too.

>> maybe. amtrak.

>> we're going to tell you how to keep more cash in your pocket.

>> our experts will answer your money questions. first, these messages.