TODAY   |  February 28, 2013

Kate Spade, Derek Lam create mass-market lines

One of fashion’s biggest ongoing trends is collaborations between big-name designers and mass retailers to create wallet-friendly lines. Kate Dimmock of People StyleWatch shares some of the latest looks.

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>>> on "today's" style, big name design designer dresses at affordable prices.

>> good morning.

>> seems we're seeing these designer capsule collections from target to --

>> retailers want to get us excited about shopping.

>> it's working.

>> they want the items but don't want to pay the prices. let's start with this new collection called kate spade and saturday.

>> you get all that whether it and charm of kate spade in under 100 price points . it's adorable. style watch mod is huge for spring, a way not to spend a lot of money. these bangles are great and under $35.

>> this is coming out in march?

>> in march.

>> isaac miss rajhi for a fraction of the price.

>> exactly. isaac mizrahi , a couture designer, extremely high end has all the details you look for in a luxury brand. i love these shoes, so adorable. i'm in love with these pinkiat eye sunglasses, the statement sunglass great way for spring. great way to add to your collection.

>> also, celebrities are contributing in their way.

>> aren't they, though.

>> to nail polish colors and nail polish names, right?

>> exactly. this is mariah carey teamed up with opi to create a collection of nail polishes, $9 a bottle. it has the great liquid sand technology and you get glittery effect. mariah selected these colors. i think it's a great collection. i like them.

>> the show girls that hit hbo show, they also have their own collection of deborah litman.

>> deborah litman is as on sets with girls as we are and created this box set , $45, inspired by the characters.

>> let's look at lauren wearing this derek lamming outfit coming out of kohl's in april?

>> we are so excited. exclusively at kohl's. mark your calendars, april 5th , this is coming out. a great collection of dresses and pieces all inspired by rio.

>> love it. very modern and edgy. and la pour's collection at j jc penney 's.

>> she's always been known for her feminine fun design. she brought it to jc penney 's called lmour. this jacket is $50.

>> i can't believe that.

>> i love that.

>> really really great.

>> jc penney 's has been lagging in terms of bringing designers to their store. this is new for them?

>> they're ramping up and have other collaborations coming up. keep a watch out for that.

>> and vince, we know him for shoes but also doing a clothing line.

>> he did a higher end apparel line earlier in the year. this is his. it's great staples, casual but have great pops of color.

>> and style.

>> everything under 100.

>> thank you so much. thanks, ladies, appreciate it. still to