TODAY   |  February 28, 2013

What’s the best basic kitchen knife?

Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay solve viewers’ common cooking quandaries, from questions about kitchen tools to the best way to cook a burger.

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>>> a new series, "spillin the beans today." we went to our fart chvorite chefs, bobby flay and giada de laurentiis . you folks will try to help folks out. the first question wants to know when is a good night for cutting basics as onions, garlic, peppers, et cetera .

>> in my opinion, i think you need to look for a knife that feels good in your hand. women and men have a different sized hand. for a lot of women, a knife and others a chef knife . i think a lot of important things, you can tell me if you agree, a sharp knife. i am not the best knife sharpener.

>> we use the knife that comes with a steel and really what it does is realigns the blade. doesn't necessarily sharpen it like you would with a stone. this is how people sharpen knives and chefs.

>> this is also how they cut their fingers.

>> no. you take the steel and use the friction against it on both sides.

>> how do you do it?

>> come on, giada, what have you got? you can make it happen.

>> i use it to sharpen -- oh.

>> what are you, marsha stewart?

>> oh, wow, al.

>> time-out, time-out! i'm just joking.

>> thanks for tuning in, everybody.

>> you know what, i don't even sharpen my knives.

>> you have somebody do it.

>> realquickly --

>> we have another one. how do you manage to cook so many things without burning them?

>> the problem so many people have they don't know how to plan a menu. when it comes time for service something's cold and things burn. i keep it super simple. figure out an easy menu and what has to be hot and doesn't. yesterday, i made a sole recipe here, 10 ingredients or less, very simple. you on the other hand might have a different answer. when we cooked together on the plaza you had a halibut dish that had 30 ingredients in it. how do you do it, bobby?

>> a good question. the biggest question how to get things to the table is holidays, thanksgiving and christmas. basically, what i do is --

>> have 15 ingredients perespy.

>> i make lists so i actually make a plan. i make a plan on my cupboard.

>> pre-cut everything.

>> everything is pre-cut. the real question is how do you get everything hot to the table? that's the most difficult thing. what i do is i actually -- for thanksgiving for instance, i have chicken stock warm on the stove and warm things with the chicken stock going out.

>> you have the ability to rewarm meats.

>> you guys have a beef about differences on burgers.

>> we have a beef all right.

>>> can tell you right now i like my burgers incredibly simple when it comes to the patty. 80% beef, 20% fat. i season very liberally on both sides with salt and pepper .

>> you make all your patties.

>> i make all my patties first.

>> then you season them.

>> wash my hands and go to salt and pepper .

>> you?

>> i like to season the meat. i don't like to bite into a burger and have no salt and pepper inside the burger.

>> that's like meatloaf.

>> it's not meatloaf, making a burger.

>> you put all kinds of things in it.

>> take that back.

>> the cutting board .

>> he gave me the knife. it was all al.

>> cutting board or plastic.

>> i believe in plastic for all kinds of meats. what i like to do, bobby thinks i'm a little bit nutty. clorox and water. any kind of bleach with water and spray it. look at willie's face. then, you can lick it. put it under hot water and spread it. he doesn't do that. i want it clean.

>> i use anti-bacterial soap, very hot water and a brush.

>> sometimes that doesn't work.

>> of course it works.

>> he's still alive.

>> we can't quite get to all of it. this is a great segment. i can't wait for the next one. and we love martha.

>> i love martha.

>> i do, too.

>> i used to live next door to her in south beach . we had rooms next door to each other.

>> let's stop that story right now.

>> thank you so etch. we're back in a moment on this week's "today" on nbc.

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