TODAY   |  February 28, 2013

Save big on home essentials

Whether you’re looking for kitchen appliances, cookware, or bedding, Sara Peterson of HGTV magazine has strategies to save you money, straight from home design and decorating experts.

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>>> this morning on "today's" home, shopping smart when it comes to things like kitchen appliances and cookware. hgtv magazine surveyed for their best saving secrets. and sarah peterson is here with results. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we will take a look how we can save in home to. sometimes it's not only knowing where to shop but when to shop.

>> when and how. and great deals online.

>> you will guide us through the certain months to buy things, starting with bedding. when is a good time?

>> sales in january. you want to look for one-day sales all year long. at big department stores , bed, bath and beyond, macy's always have one day sales and call and find out where they are.

>> where else?

>> online, smart bargains online, all kinds of linens and great brands and the company shore has great options.

>> you love decorating, chances are you like to play with pillows.

>> the easiest makeover ever.

>> where can you find good deals on pillows

>> online is your best bet all year long. great ones at qvc, great ones at jc penney . the magazine is always featuring pillows under $30 from these places.

>> a great idea from design experts, sometimes the filling inside is not great.

>> this is a good tip, a good trick. the inserts you buy them with, sometimes polyfill. if you replace them with down fill they look more expensive.

>> more plush and lush.

>> you can find them at

>> good tip. let's talk about cookware. we all love to cook with this kind of enamel cookware.

>> it lasts a lifetime. places like cooking stores all year, april, may and november, december, think fall and spring, when you're getting in the cooking season.

>> sounds good.

>> check out t.j. maxx and home goods.

>> i always find good deals at those places. kitchen gage gedgegadgets. appliances can be pretty costly. when should you think about buying these?

>> same as cookware, april, may, november, december. check the manufacturer's websites. a lot of times they have refurbished and reconditioned small appliances and the factory remade them and you can get warranties on them and for a lot less.

>> and you can get warranties on them.

>> and return it if you don't like it.

>> going to fine china . if you're one of those people that never got your full set and want to complete your china set.

>> september is a good time for china deals. dinnerwe dinnerweardepot is good and replacemen you have a set, broke one dish and you can find its match and find wholesale sets for deep discounts.

>> if you're looking for one wineglass, you can fill in.

>> you have seven and need eight.

>> vacuum cleaners , last but not least. these can be a couple hunded dollars for really good ones.

>> these are really big items. the best time to buy, this is the time to check the big home stores with in-house coupons, bed, bath and beyond. kohl's are good. april and may are good. june models of vacuum cleaners come out. like cars, get the vacuums before the new models come out. april and may.

>> a sarah peterson, thank you.