TODAY   |  February 27, 2013

Condoms in a snack machine? What the what!?

TODAY’s Sara Haines shares some of the funniest pictures submitted by viewers this week, including a sign with an impossible demand, and a snack machine with something… different inside.

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>>> wacky photos that make you say --

>> what the what?

>> sara has carefully combed through the three. and here are the three that are the top picks of the week.

>> our first photo comes from randy from myrtle beach , south carolina . is this what it means when a thief fences? it's like the new planking, ba dum-bum.

>> he is taking it to his mom who needs a front gate.

>> the next is from vicki from kentucky. i'm suddenly not so hungry. there might be something at b3 that's probably not edible.

>> is that -- maybe it is.

>> is that a condom?

>> i don't think they come in edible.

>> oh, yeah, they do. [ laughter ]

>> flavored, maybe. but no. next we have a photo from ally from carlsbad, california.

>> oh, my god.

>> wait a minute.

>> i'm no expert, but i'm pretty sure that's not how it's supposed to be used.

>> she confidence herself by getting in the bottom so the mom put her in there and she fell asleep so it worked.

>> she liked it down there.

>> and there is another baby in the top, right?

>> yeah, another baby up there, but i feel like the middle one is having child syndrome, doesn't get attention, and going to the bottom --

>> when you're that little, your body bends.

>> when is the last time you fit in one of those?

>> hey, watch it.

>> kim warner from mt. joy, pennsylvania sent us this photo.

>> private sign. do not read.

>> too late. too late.

>> that's cute.

>> that was on harrisburg, pennsylvania. finally, lisa timerman from --

>> the hairy ape.

>> seriously, where did you get your hair done? the hairy ape. sometimes you feel like that when you walk in.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> maybe they do waxing.

>> hoda, worse!

>> every time we went to this restaurant, this guy was on his bike, he was wearing a rug on his back. i wanted to stop and wax the guy. i really did.

>> ooh!