TODAY   |  February 27, 2013

Donnie Wahlberg on reuniting New Kids on the Block

Actor and singer Donnie Wahlberg talks about his new job as executive producer of the show “Boston’s Finest,” where he puts the camera on the city’s police, and about reuniting the New Kids on the Block after a hiatus.

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>>> hall of fame . when the band broke up, he turned his talents to acting.

>> back on tour with the guys in the band and executive producer and creator of a brand-new series for tnt called " boston 's finest."

>> late '80s we skyrocketed to fame.

>> oh, really.

>> google it. okay.

>> so you --

>> get over yourself boy band wonder.

>> so now mr. executive producer, this is --

>> ceo, hoda.

>> quite a few things. how does it feel to be running the show on this?

>> it's fun. it's such a huge endeavor to do something like this. first of all, to shoot police officers at work. it takes a great team, and i'm not the only executive producer. there are other people, and we have a great, great team involved. but --

>> you can't be there all the time.

>> no.

>> you're busy.

>> no, people always ask, do you do ride-alongs. what am i going to do, pull up on a crime scene , guys with guns, there's donny wallberg, get him.

>> you wanted to do something that was the essence of where you grew up in boston . you were under pressure to do some really creepy things about boston .

>> well, yeah. you know -- you go around to tv networks and they all want, you know, the trashy, you know -- ex wives of south boston . and this and that. so i really didn't want to do that. i wanted to do something great. i'm very proud of my city. i also am working on a great cop show in new york. i kind of owe boston one, as well.

>> and you have respect for the law enforcement .

>> absolutely.

>> you -- tell us about the run-in that changed --

>> i played so many cops, first of all, in my era, i've got to work with cops who teach me and technical advisers. and we learn -- as actors, we want to play the emotion of the moment and this and that. but when you play a cop, it's really important to get in touch with what really matters, which is to do their job to the best of their abilities, make sure they don't let their brothers and sisters on the force down. going into boston , i knew that was what was most important to these officers and anything we did that compromised that would be a problem. whether on screen or off. in terms of cameras being in their way and jeopardizing their safety. and what she show as a product in the end. i want -- these officers are from the neighborhoods i grew up in, risk their lives everyday. and i want to do them proud.

>> were they quick to go along with this? this is one of those things you're not sure if you should go with it. if something bad goes down, it's on tape.

>> absolutely. they were -- it's interesting. because some officers were quick to go with it. but they didn't quite know what that meant. and slowly i think it was really a thing about trust. i think the city, the powers that be in the city let me and my team produce this show because they trusted, i'm a local boy. i'll do right by the city. they are. and the officers we had to earn their trust. you know, riding along with them at first, the first few weeks, they didn't say much. and the funny thing, i kept getting e-mails, me and my fellow executive producers getting e-mails here in new york saying there is no crime happening. there is no crime. no one is getting robbed. we're not getting anything great. and i was like, well, the mayor is going to be happy, but tnt is not going to be happy.

>> you're going to be -- sing again. you guys are getting together. a bunch of boy bands together, yeah?

>> yeah.

>> is that string to go from such a different world right back into the old -- with the choreography?

>> i love it. i have worked since i was 14 years old. i became the founding member of new kids on the block when i was 14, which is -- i don't even know what decade that was in. memoriy but i worked my whole life to be doing the things i'm doing, but now they come to fruition at the same time. as a dad.

>> you earned it.

>> and i want to take advantage of it while it's here. you know, things are good. and this is, you know -- i feel like this is what i've always wanted to have happen.

>> we believe you --

>> give my love to tom sellick.

>> the greatest.

>> all right. boston 's finest premiers tonight on tnt .