TODAY   |  February 27, 2013

Richard Blais spices up classic roast chicken

The restaurant owner and winner of “Top Chef: All-Stars” demonstrates how you can cook up a new twist on classic roast chicken by giving it a little extra flavor with lemon curd and black pepper.

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>> this morning in "today's" kitchen, spicing up your roast chicken. richard blais is out with a new cookbook, "try this at

home: recipes from my head, literally, to your plate." i love that cover shot.

>> it was fun. it was fun.

>> well done. usually, you have liquid nitrogen . today you're making it easy for all of us.

>> ancient tools. anybody can do this at home.

>> try this at home.

>> we're talking about roast chicken.

>> which we all love. sometimes it can be sort of blaise. yours, we kick it up a notch.

>> brianing, bryaning, you add sugar, salt, spices to water. it's fail proof.

>> kind of like what you do for the turkey.

>> turkey, brine. you can do it for the chicken. szechuan peppercorns. put it in the fridge. let it sit overnight. that will make sure the bird retains all of its moisture, easy to cook. because it's salted you don't have to worry about overseasoning the bird. it's done for you. that's the first step.

>> wonderful.

>> the most exciting part.

>> lemon curd , right?

>> lemon curd .

>> i think of dessert.

>> it's a play off of black pepper and lemon chicken , which you can find in most markets. this is lemon jouice and sugar. what we're going to do -- actually, what you're going to do if you don't mind.

>> sure. get to work here.

>> is there gelatin at all?

>> no, just the sugar and lemon juice . beautiful bright acidity of the lemon juice and the richness of the butter. you have the sweetness from a little bit of the sugar.

>> there's no reason to buy the stuff you see on the store shelves?

>> you don't have to. quite honestly for this recipe, you could. it's fine. it marinades the bird and glazes the bird. store bought would be fine.

>> this is lemon curd when it's done.

>> smells good, too.

>> doesn't it sound nice and romantic? lemon curd . usually i'm cooking, as you said, with high-tech gadgets. liquid nitrogen . this is the most ancient tool, mortar. we're going to crush black pepper and coriander. want to take out some aggression?

>> always. always.

>> jump in there. crush the coriander and black pepper . it doesn't have to be super fine. rosemary and sage in the lemon curd . that looks great. you'll dump all those spices into the lemon curd as well.

>> through the magic of -- it's heavy.

>> take out your aggression, get a little workout.

>> there you go. mix that up.

>> simply mix all of that up. the fun part, we're going to season our bird. you see recipes that say put pounds and pounds of butter under the skin of the bird. we're actually going to put the lemon curd inside there. it's a two-person job. you have to get in there.

>> you have to get in there, right.

>> massage it.

>> make it feel good.

>> under the skin and on top of the skin here.

>> how long are you going to put it in the oven for?

>> 400 degrees and start it with a high heat, nice brown crust. sugar in the lemon curd will enable it to caramelize.

>> how long does it take to cook down to that?

>> about an hour. of course, it dpensd on tepends on the size of your bird. but about an hour.

>> and then you have artichokes, right?

>> northern california mood.

>> i like that.

>> it's artichoke season. artichokes finished on the grill. carve up our bird.

>> it's that good. richard blais , delicious. thank you. we're going to eat, take a little break. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

>>> wonderful.

>> oh, yeah. that bird is going to be gone.

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