TODAY   |  February 27, 2013

What’s the right way to post a selfie?

Randi Zuckerberg, founder of Zuckerberg Media and editor-in-chief of Dot Complicated, solves common social media quandaries, from how to post a self-portrait without appearing narcissistic to when it’s OK to Reply All to an email.

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>>> this morning on "today's" tech, back by popular demand, social media quandaries, randi zuckerbe zuckerberg, great to see you again. welcome back.

>> thank you. great to see you. you posted a pretty good picture. you nailed the selfy, i think.

>> we'll show that in a second. it was my first selfy. before we get to that, though, some congratulations. you just signed a book deal that will come out in a couple of weeks.

>> thank you. we did. children's picture book both about balancing tech and nontech in your life called dot complicated.

>> a lot of people will want to know you're one of the first employees of facebook . is it about facebook ? and it's not?

>> it will have a few of my personal favorites from facebook but definitely not a memoir or tell all. i have to save the memoir.

>> too early.

>> that's right, too early.

>> that comes a little bit down the road. let's get into these digital etiquette questions. we will start with the selfy. i took one earlier today because i wanted to get your take on t i totally whiffed, holding it up too high. see, there's my forehead. i couldn't get the angle.

>> some celebrities have a twitter handle like willie geist 's hair. that would be a perfect selfy if you have that twitter handle.

>> maybe i'm on to something.

>> like angelina jolie 's leg, you could have your own thing going. you really nailed the angle. you always have to take a selfy from above, which uh-uh learned the hard way.

>> lot of neck.

>> there you go.

>> there it is.

>> there it is. amazing. the angle is really important. you always have to take it from above. and the lighting is really important, too.

>> the bigger question, to me, is why the selfy? what's the idea behind the selfy? what are you trying to tell me by sending out a picture of yourself?

>> social media , for a lot of people, is about self identity and expression. for a lot of people, that's their -- they get a lot of validation from people liking or commenting on a photo of them. i do think, though, that the key to the selfy is moderation.

>> yeah, i couldn't agree more with that.

>> also i'm not a big fan of the puckered lips or the duck face , if you will.

>> right, right.

>> i think there are times -- oh, yeah.

>> this one?

>> that's exactly right. that's a bad selfy. don't do the duck face . there is a time and place for it, if you get a new haircut, you're in a great place, you want to show off to your friends.

>> the next one about the dating world. you just had a date with someone new. when is it okay to friend them without looking too anxious? this used to be when do i call them after the first date. when do you friend somebody after a first date or do you?

>> it's funny. now with social media there's all these new steps, definitive steps in relationships. you know, for me, my general rule of facebook friending is that i have to have a few meaningful encounters with someone before they can be a facebook friend. for me, first date, not really enough.

>> for the control room, we only have a minute left here. i'm going to jump ahead to the end. our last one, we've been talking about this one. the reply all.

>> dreaded reply all.

>> this is the biggest complaint people have.

>> biggest pet peeve everyone said was reply all. have you ever done an e-mail where you introduced two people?

>> yes.

>> and then they continue to reply all every thursday at 9:00, 10:00 , coffee. you're like, please, people, just drop me from the thread. i introduced you.

>> i was the matchmaker. i don't need to go on the date with you.

>> exactly right.

>> when you send out a mass e-mail you need to say please only reply to me.

>> that's right and inevitably you have someone who replies all. then they send out another reply all apologizing for their reply all. if you make a gaffe, no need for the reply all apology.

>> if you're in the hole, stop digging. i'm going to work on those selfies.