TODAY   |  February 27, 2013

Girl who burned hair off gets lesson in curling

Tori Locklear’s instructional beauty video gone wrong, which shows her burning off part of her hair, has gone viral on YouTube. She talks about her newfound fame and gets a hair lesson from celebrity stylist Ted Gibson.

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>>> back now at 8:15 with a florida teen's instructional video that went very, very wrong.

>> hi, guys, it's tori . i'm basically going to curl my hair. i think this makes the curls look bigger when you wrap it up. oh, my god. you're kidding me. my hair just burnt off.

>> that expression, priceless. this was posted on youtube just over a week ago. already it has more than 14 million hits and, tori locklear is the middle schooler in that video. she's with us, along with celebrity hairstylist ted gibb gibson. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> tori , that had disaster written all over it. you did that in october. the section here is still growing back, wow!

>> yeah.

>> that had to be painful for you when you saw that piece of hair on the curling iron .

>> it was.

>> tell me what you thought when you saw that, your reaction.

>> when i saw that, i was in shock. it didn't seem real at first. then i realized, it actually came off.

>> did you smell any burning or get any sense that something was going on?

>> no.

>> you posted that in october, as i mentioned. already 14 million hits. you posted it, rather, last week. this happened in october. why did you wait so long to post it?

>> all right. i had bad grades at the time. i got my laptop taken away. when i got it back, i was going through my pictures and videos and i saw that and was laughing hysterically. i posted it online and also on facebook. and i wasn't supposed to have one.

>> facebook?

>> yeah. it went around and i got grounded.

>> you're grounded now but you're here in new york. ted gibson is helping you out this morning. this is something you've seen professionally.

>> absolutely.

>> what happened?

>> the girls don't necessarily know that the hair has to be 100% dry. use a hairspray in it, just a light control hairspray, spray it on then use an iron. what's great about irons, sometimes they have a dial on them. make sure that you always, always check the dial.

>> did you check the dial?

>> if it's too hot --

>> there wasn't.

>> there wasn't a dial? just hot and on.

>> she confessed to me that she had a leave-in conditioner. it's going to be too heavy, it's going to be wet. it's not going to be dry. the hair has to be 100% dry before you put any flat iron or curling iron in the hair always.

>> let's see how to do it the right way.

>> you want to take a one-inch section.

>> in her instructional video she said to hold it there for 20 seco seconds or longer.

>> way too long! that is way too long. five to seven seconds is enough. all you want to do is give it some texture, give it some wave. take the iron. you wrap the hair around the iron. you leave the ends out for three to five seconds. that's all you need and all you'll get is a little bit of wave, little bit of texture. what makes it modern is that the ends are a little straighter than they are a full curl on the end.

>> people who use these appliances every day, is that generally not advisable?

>> that is not advisable. you should take a break from the he heat. it's like heat therapy . you want to take a break from the heat and not necessarily always use an iron on it every single day.

>> tori , is there some good that's come out of all of this? you were on "ellen" yesterday, on the "today" show today. so what have you learned about all of this?

>> it's good because i got to experience all this.

>> exactly. and you got to hang out here with kathie lee , by the way. sorry for busting in on your turf, lady.

>> no problem.

>> she's not getting her attention here. don't worry. we'll give it to her. tori , thank you so much. tori locklear.