TODAY   |  February 25, 2013

Try this sesame shrimp and asparagus stir-fry

The Cooking Channel’s Melissa D’Arabian shows TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda how to make simple and healthy meals like Soba noodles with shrimp and snow peas and lightened-up brownies.

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>> quick and easy meals that you and your family can have that are healthy too, but, first, this is "today" on nbc.

>> and now on today's kitchen, what's cookin? looking for quick and easy ways to put dinner on the table tonight? we're going to put down the menu and let you cook up something nice. sfoo here with fast and super tasty meals that are actually healthy too is melissa. she's host of cooking channel's "drop five pounds with good housekeeping."

>> really?

>> yeah.

>> we're really going to make something that's healthy and easy?

>> easy and not too expensive. something to make on a tuesday night. for me, i'll tell you what, ladies, i have been -- i struggled with my weight since he was 15, so i'm always looking for something that's healthy and fast and i can make it tasty. we're starting out with some asparag asparagus. we're going to make asparagus shrimp stir fry .

>> just a little bit of oil to begin with?

>> a little bit of oil.

>> olive or canola?

>> this is canola oil . canola is better at high heat. you want to use a measuring spoon until you know what a teaspoon looks like. that's a tip. it goes really fast. you know what, don't be shy about doing this until you can eyeball it.

>> usually people just go glug, glug, glug.

>> they think it's a teaspoon, and it's, like, three table spoons.

>> tomato in there. asparagus. anti-oxidants. make you look younger. lots of fiber, low calories. great delicious stuff going on in here. here we have soy sauce.

>> put this together.

>> yeah.

>> rice wine vinegar.

>> okay.

>> then pour it on in.

>> dump it in.

>> you didn't cut it with tomatoes rsh you are going to leave them whole like that?

>> they're going to get sweet.

>> look how fast that is.

>> how long is this cooking.

>> a couple of minutes. literally a couple of minutes. my tip to you.

>> what?

>> the precooked frozen shrimp. this is the healthy cooked best friend.

>> why?

>> look how fast this is. you just have to --

>> you leave the tails on.

>> you know what --

>> are they frozen, use do you thaw them out?

>> you thaw them out.

>> not as easy as she said.

>> the tails are on.

>> yeah. you know, putting this in the freezer or frig is exhausting.

>> i don't like your attitude. do you smell it? it smells fantastic.

>> all you have to do is add in just a smidge of toasted sesame oil . just about a teaspoon. it's going to flavor it up, and then you are going to put on sesame seeds . black and white . you can use either one. a little bit of a stronger flavor on the black. this is what it looks like.

>> it looks gourmet, baby, and fast.

>> we made that live. if you want to go ahead and give it a taste. you serve it with a little bit of rice. half a cup of rice, and one quarter of this, that's a lot of food. it's 370 calories.

>> you're kidding.

>> oh, my gosh, that's delicious.

>> the shrimp, great low fat option. great way to get seafood into your diet.

>> what's this option? what have you done here?

>> i've taken the same kind of shrimp, except i've made it up with soba noodles. half the calories of regular pasta. veggies in there, and a peanut saushgs and then here my 95 calorie brownie.

>> all of this will be on our website. all of it.

>> you know what, great stuff. i had my doubts, but you really came through.

>> a performance by country music star jason aldine.

>> meagan from "smash" will be