TODAY   |  February 25, 2013

Fun, easy kids’ birthday gifts for under $20

FamilyFun Magazine experts share some fun toys guaranteed to be a hit, all for $20 or less.

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>> when feels like your child is attending a berth day party every other weekend, it can be tough to come up with a creative gift that they will enjoy and you can afford.

>> all right. here with family fun magazine 's annual list of kid tested and approved birthday gifts for $20 or less is the magazine's deputy editor mary giles. great price point, by the way.

>> i know. you wind up at birthday party after birthday party when you have lots of little kids in the house. we want to keep it $20 and less.

>> let's get started.

>> all right. this is for ages 3 to 6. this is the all aboard train puzzle. they're $15 from chronicle gifts. what makes this stand apart is each piece is double-sided, and they're all interchangeable. the kids can make lots of different trains, right? you can keep mixing and matching.

>> different animals.

>> when you put it together, it can be six feet long so they can really feel like they're doing a long, nice locomotive.

>> that's sweet.

>> the coin blaster.

>> this is the coin blaster arcade. when you get it, you're buying a book, but when you open it up, it's like getting ten different arcade style puzzles and games in one. you can see here we have the basketball that's set up. all these pieces come inside of it, so this one, you shoot --

>> actually shoot it.

>> you shoot coins. roll it up the ramp and --

>> you slick it with your finger. we don't have a good angle here. you get ten different style arcade games . you shoot and shoot -- knock things over. play games like that. arcade style.

>> something for the girls here.

>> aren't these cute? these are cami dolls. these japanese-style collectibles are really hot right now. these are just $13. these cute little dolls . you can also get $6 key chains and pens.

>> those are cute.

>> we thought these were just the cutest.

>> they become hot for a while, and then --

>> yeah.

>> stickers and -- come on.

>> this is an amazing craft kit. our family fun testers could not get enough of this. this is called tile jewelry. alex toys. this is $17 for ages 7 and up. look how adorable these necklaces are.

>> cute.

>> wouldn't you want to wear those yourself?

>> absolutely.

>> can you make rings, necklaces.

>> if i were 7 years old i would. sfoo.

>> okay.

>> i'm nearly 70. it just changes life.

>> it comes with all these different stickers and patterns. you can really make a lot of variety of jewelry there.

>> i saw you playing with this. you love this. what happened? what do you do?

>> give that belly a good little squeeze. ready? right? very naughty. right?

>> kind of irresistible. you can shoot them at targets.

>> i like it.

>> each one comes with -- they're reloadable. six balls.

>> you could do it all day.

>> right? i know. slightly addictive. these are $11 ages 4 and up. lots more ideas on our website at family fun magazine .com. we have this one in my house. i have one more. so addictive. my 5-year-old --

>> those are the things that go trying flying up.

>> my 5-year-old and his friends love these. my husband and i are also completely addicted. you fling the frogs up. you try to land it on the lily pad .

>> there.

>> oh.

>> hoda gets ugly with these things. very competitive.

>> are you talking to me?

>> it's only $10, right? for ages 4 and up.

>> oh.

>> 50 points if you land it in the lily pad .

>> sounds fun.