TODAY   |  February 25, 2013

TODAY’s friendly advice: Texting vs. calling

There are times in life when you need a little help, not from your spouse or an expert, but from your friends. TODAY’s Willie Geist and his best bud of almost 20 years, Megan Colarossi, share a little friendly advice on everything from relationship issues to parenting challenges.

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>>> this morning, "today's" friendly advice. you probably have a friend who helps you through life's little dilemmas, makes you laugh a little bit in the process. 20 years ago this fall, i met megan versailles when we went to college. she has a beautiful daughter and remains' great, hilarious friend to me and my wife. she is here to help me through some things.

>> i got you a nice little orange. spicy, like you like it.

>> you're trying to butter me up here. it's not going to work.

>> i am.

>> we'll have the conversations we normally have but in a fake living room.

>> it's comfortable.

>> king versus queen bed . what does it mean for intimacy in a marriage? i just moved from queen to king, and i have to excepted my wife postcards to communicate with her. she's so far away .

>> obviously the queen bed is tight. you're cozy and -- it promotes intimacy. you're shoved up next to your mate, your partner, whoever is next to you. a girlfriend of mine was awoke by her husband who was breathing on her in a queen bed .

>> that's not sexy.

>> but it's tight. you can't hide from your mate. but i'm a king-sized girl. it's like being upgraded to first class. you have options. you can recline, lay back, dip in and say hi to your mate, snuggle if you want to, but the option is that you can go to your respective sides. don't you want an option?

>> why your saying it's good for you to get away from your husband to escape his heavy breathing. is that what you're saying?

>> it's not that. you want to cozy on up and when you're done, you want to go to your other side and stretch out.

>> so you're pro king.

>> pro king.

>> hudson, your daughter, is almost 2. i have a 5 and-year-old. our bed has become a wrestling ring and i will wake up in the middle of the night not realizing that there are two other human beings in the bed.

>> they sleep horizontally.

>> tess a family thing but not great for intimacy. we asked our viewers, is bigger better? the bigger bed gives you less intimacy, 62%.

>> you're right but at least you're in the same bed. let's be honest here. queen or king, at least you're in the same bed. if you're not in the same bed we have an issue.

>> if you're blaming the bed for your intimacy problems you should have another conversation.

>> slumber party. big one for people like us but also grandparents. how long is too long to leave the kids with the grandparents? overnight we're talking.

>> a visit. is it an in-town grandparent or out n hf-town grandparent? in-town sees the kids all the time. out-of-town is excited to come. two to three nights is a max for out of towner or grandparents to come and stay overnight. i push the envelope and go for a five nighter.

>> really?

>> you have to offer options. make it like a vacation. here is the thing. offer babysitting, two nights of babysitting so they can go out on the town and rip it up. that's one option. stock the fridge with their favorite items.

>> like a vacation.

>> mini bar at your house.

>> except there's an 18-month-old with you.

>> but i'm like, they don't know. it's like a facade. they're in an oasis. when you see the packed bags, what do you think? get out of dodge?

>> we've got to get out.

>> your parents come a couple of nights a week.

>> after a two-night weekend i come back and they're ready to get rid of those kids, who they love. i will say that. our viewers said, one to two nights is the limit.

>> i think it's a little chintzy.

>> texting versus calling. everyone feels a little bit of this. are you in touch with your friends really if you only text them once in a while without hearing their voice and talking to them?

>> you and i have not had a conversation since the '90s on the phone. we text, we e-mail. we spoke this morning.

>> are we friends?

>> not really good friends. we are good friends. you can be walking the streets, see something that reminds you of somebody and you text them. i don't want to invest in a phone call . i just want to say, hey, bud, thinking of you. if you're on the show and you do a good job, hey, willie, good job this morning. it's like what up? there are other times when you should warrant the phone call . one, to say i'm sorry. you have to pick up the phone or do it in person. you can't text i'm sorry. that's kind of a cop out. the second one is if someone calls you, you have to call them back. you can't text them back, just got your message.

>> right.

>> if someone calls me, i won't listen to that voicemail till the end of the day . if someone texts me, i'll text you right back.

>> christina, my wife, has a new rule, the missed call is the new voice mail . don't leave me a voice mail .

>> i'm the texting queen. i am definitely guilty of this. when you pick up the phone it means, hey, i really want to talk to you.

>> so are we friends?

>> we are. we had a 20-minute conversation.

>> real quick we have to go. you have a bonus thing for me?

>> this is wanding. we saw each other at dinner the other night and said you look so fabulous. i thought it was my ripped biceps. it was the wandation of my hair. i bought my gloves.

>> why three fingers?

>> you're not going to burn the edges. you pick it up and wand over and slide off. it's very hot. i don't want my hair to fall out.

>> . it's a one-handing wand. my husband doesn't know what i do in my bathroom but when i come out it's like voila.

>> and take care of your 18-month-old.

>> megan, good advice as always. good to know we're friends despite the texting.

>> love you, willie.