TODAY   |  February 25, 2013

Naomi Watts ‘on fire’ on Oscars red carpet

Jennifer Lawrence and Daniel Day-Lewis took the top honors for acting at the Oscars last night, but who takes home the award for best dressed? Avril Graham of Harper’s Bazaar and Jeannie Mai of Style Network talk about the highs and lows.

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>>> oscars, it's time to break down all the red carpet fashion. the executive fashion and beauty editor at harper's bazaar. welcome, ladies.

>> hi.

>> let's start with your overall impression. zbl .

>> i think it's a really good idea. no real clunkers.

>> and less is more this time around.

>> i thought that was refreshing. the latest trends have been stack more, statement ring, statement necklace. it's a nice departure from that.

>> you like jessica chastain .

>> beautiful detail on a biased cut looking gown. difficult to wear. looked chic and gorgeous.

>> you mentioned that was one of your choices.

>> on fire. sculpted beautifully. even if you saw her just from the waist up, it was perfect.

>> such an interesting -- the top was just unbelievable.

>> absolutely.

>> you liked reese witherspoon , new mom but walked it last night.

>> a head to toe moment, veronica lake curls beautifully done, elegant strapless gown. looked amazing post pregnancy in l louis vuitton .

>> studio 54 fabulous.

>> and she wore the kind of dress you would like to see more, avril lavigne .

>> we want to see a little bit of glam. she's a young girl . she wore it with a very unfussy updo, carried it off well. again, top marks.

>> one of the actresses with most buzz around her was jennifer lawrence and her dress. big dress and obviously got in her way when she was trying to climb the steps.

>> she carried it nice. she looked amazing. it's trendy in so many different ways. it's interesting, though, because the color was a beautiful champagne pink, but it didn't pick it up in stills. in the video you could see how gorgeous the color was.

>> she looked great even tripping on the the steps.

>> exactly. i want to talk about anne hathaway . you felt differently about her. he liked the dresk.

>> prada-esque look. retro, audrey hepburn look i li liked it. i thought it was great.

>> not so much for you?

>> i have a problem with it just because when a couple of your body parts start trending on twitter and gets its own twitter handle, i think you need to do a little something there with the darting. i can't even look at it. so that was my --

>> look away . look away . and the surprise presenter, obviously, was mrs. obama.

>> yeah. and doesn't she look fabulous? she favored kam with a deep beading. rocking those bangs. she looked fabulous.