TODAY   |  February 25, 2013

After fall at Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence wins with humor

Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence handled post-Oscar questions with good humor, even the ones about her falling on her way up the stairs to accept her award, and the 22-year-old joked that the day was so stressful, she felt like Steve Martin in “Father of the Bride.”

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>>> jennifer lawrence handled post oscar questions with good humor, starting with one about how she got ready for her big night .

>> and then i came to the oscars -- i'm sorry, i did a shot before i --

>> the fall on the way up to the stage.

>> was that on purpose? absolutely.

>> what happened?

>> what do you mean what happened? look at my dress.

>> what went through my mind when i fell down? a bad word that i can't say. it starts with f.

>> worry about peaking too soon?

>> well now i am. god.

>> the 22-year-old joked that the day was so stressful she felt like steve martin in " father of the bride ." she handled it all very gracefully though. 8:04. let's go back