TODAY   |  February 25, 2013

Hottest home trends: Wall flowers, animal print

The recent International Gift Fair was overflowing with ideas to decorate your home and color your world. TODAY contributor Elizabeth Mayhew reveals the trends to track, including neon colors, wall flowers, and animal-print rugs.

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>>> this morning on "today's" new home design trends, decorate and color your world. elizabeth mayhew is a lifestyle editor and "today" contributor. it's more about gifts. you get ideas of where the trends are going, right?

>> almost 40,000 people come to this show. it really is the place in the u.s. where you see what the trends are. a lot of it is home based. today we're uncovering what some of those things are.

>> first one should be obvious. it's flowers.

>> but it's wallflowers. this is redefining what you think of wallflowers. great way to create a focal point in your home. tommy mitchell , those are metal, all hand painted flowers. then puts as shadow boxes. you can do one or group them as a whole. it has an old fashioned but updated botanical look and these circles that double as vases. you don't have to put flowers in them. if you want to bring it to life for spring it's a great thing to do.

>> use real flowers?

>> it's a little vessel. fill it with water. put it back on the wall. it can be just dots on the wall or vases.

>> next we have rugs.

>> animals on rugs has been a big trend. decorators like albert hadley have used them for years. these are updated for a kids room, crocheted lion.

>> i'm glad you said that was for a kid's room.

>> zebra, iconic decorator. this is printed canvas. no animals harmed in doing it. twos company.

>> another big trend, color . everybody wants a little pop of color .

>> little pops of colors but also it's color plus comfort. these are fantastic because they are indoor/outdoor. great as a pull-up for a dining room table. they give you a little bit of color or pattern. there are some from fab habitat and also fresh american home . these are hosable. you can pull them inside, outside. they just add that pop. and they look great stacked under a side table.

>> neon. it's still in for the home really?

>> neon was really big in fashion last year. it started to hit home. home has a little bit of lag usually. it is really big for the summer. you can do something like a neon tray, which is from sea wonder. take that outside. or from kristen maxwell, she did these trimmed pillows. it's a touch without going crazy.

>> because in six months you might be like, i hate this.

>> this reads as neutral, because sew you're okay with it.

>> our next trend has to do with organization.

>> now this is the thing about organizing. we have all heard about it. we've all been told to buy the boxes. this is organizing that's fun. for example, hartford company has these great boxes like i will never be organized. stuff i'm never going to use. we often say in organizing it takes a village. paper storage company did these great boxes that look like buildings. when you stack them up it looks like you have a cityscape.

>> next trend is natural fiber .

>> very thin towels, turkish towels. these are from pisu bazaar. you think they're not going to be as warm and as absorb entent. they are incredibly absorbent. terry on one side, linen on the other. they dry in seconds. great way to put color in. mongolian lamb is a big trend, add that is pop of interest. and alpaca is huge. from alicia adams alpaca, traditionally won in the past three years the top award from the gift show based on her color and incredible fibers.

>> beautiful concepts. should we expect things to show up in the stores at maybe a better price point?

>> not all these things are available right now. you'll see them hit the stores in march, april. they're coming out now. and you will see, just like they saw oscar, the fashions being copied, these will be copied as well.

>> all about the knockoffs. elizabeth mayhew, thank you.