TODAY   |  February 25, 2013

Mapped-out meals: 4 easy, budget-friendly recipes

Chef Marcella Valladolid shares four delicious meals you can easily plan ahead and make in 30 minutes or less, including tandoori chicken and rosemary skewered shrimp.

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>>> we're now back at 8:52 with your mapped out weekly meals. food for your family to enjoy. assembling our menu this week, marcela. nice to see you this morning.

>> thanks for having me.

>> different ethnic flare?

>> they all have the mexican flavor but i like to go global because i feed my son, obviously, and it's a good time to get the conversation started with different cuisines and cultures.

>> why do you like this, tandori chicken ?

>> you can season it with what you have at home and the flavors you like.

>> adding to that a little bit of yogurt?

>> jiginger. everybody loves garlic. cumin and coriander to season it. i love how you step back.

>> that's all right. give it a shot.

>> that creates a beautiful little marinade, right?

>> just like this.

>> how far in advance do you put the chicken in there?

>> you can do this a day ahead. the day of there's no cleanup. throw it on the grill, serve it with a grilled pineapple salsa, basmati rice .

>> for tuesday, if you like.

>> what's in the marinade here?

>> olive oil, cilantro, thyme, rosemary. chop it up. add the raw shrimp. for a beautiful presentation. you only want to let that sit for ten minutes.

>> it will start to break down --

>> you don't want it to turn into seveche. you stir it with the rosemary sprigs, cook until it's pink and you have beautiful shrimp, lime wedge ready to go.

>> maybe white rice from the day before?

>> go around that way. i'll meet you.

>> you got it.

>> day number three. beef menu. what do you call this?

>> albondigas. it reminds me of my mom. onion, celery, carrots. little bit of tomato paste to add some body, sweetness. we add our chicken broth . you guys already have everything prepped and ready to roll.

>> these recipes are pretty simple for busy people.

>> they really are. for me it's all about putting food on the table that's really good, do something different every day of the week, flavorful but fun at the same time. add those meatballs into the soup. we can add a couple.

>> how long do they cook?

>> ten minutes over low simmer. you don't have to overcook them. you want them to stay nice and soft. once they're cooked add a few more veggies, corn, cilantro, bay leaf . let that cook.

>> let the corner go in last because otherwise that gets soft and mushy?

>> yes. you want it to have a little bit of a bite.

>> and in the final 30 seconds, you have a wild mushroom can a quesedilla.

>> yes. little bit of thyme, white wine . take those mushrooms, add them to the quesadilla for a great dinner.

>> natalie, you should have done this segment.

>> i know.

>> so good.

>> thank you so much. by the way, you can find the full shopping list and the recipes on our website at

>>> special oscar take three from los angeles and right here