TODAY   |  February 25, 2013

Obama administration warns of sequester’s impact

As the clock ticks down with no signs of progress in Congress, President Obama is issuing warnings about the consequences of a sequester, including fewer FBI agents on the job, longer airport security lines, and more. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>>> sweeping automatic budget cuts set to take effect in just four days unless lawmakers reach a deal. peter alexander takes a look at how it will affect everything from air travel to the food we eat. peter, good morning to you.

>> reporter: yeah, savannah, that's all true this morning the white house is picking up the pace of its pr offensive, rolling out reports for each of the country states and how they will be affected by its automatic budget cuts. the president will speak to the governors here in washington for their winter meetings . republic republicans also don't like these cuts, but they accuse the president of failing to lead and ultimately it's you who could be affected. at the shipyard in norfolk, virginia, 1,600 letters with possible pink slips are already in the mail while they're waiting for washington to act. still with the clock ticking down, no signs of progress, but plenty of dire warnings from the administration about the potential impact of the so-called sequester. fewer fbi agents on the job. kids kicked out of child care programs. even meat shortages that could jack up prices with fewer inspectors working.

>> if we don't have inspection, we're not going to be working so i don't need the employees here.

>> reporter: fewer tsa agents, fewer air traffic controller , meaning more time on the tarmac. states would be hard hit, too, releasing these new figures overnight. in california, 9,600 low-income students could lose their college financial aid , in florida, nearly $4 million could be slashed to provide meals for needy seniors and in texas, nearly 10,000 fewer children will receive vaccines for diseases like whooping cough and the flu. just in time for spring, national parks like yosemite will see their services cut, 700,000 defense department workers to take one day off a week, a 20% pay cut. near quantico marine base in virginia, it's already breeding anxiety.

>> people are hunkered down, really afraid to spend any kind of money.

>> reporter: both sides seem to agree these cuts will go into effect at the end of this week. there's also at least some good news. most of the layoffs and furloughs won't actually take place until a month from now.

>> maybe they will sort it out at some point. peter alexander at the white house , thank you very much.