TODAY   |  February 23, 2013

Pistorius may return to training Monday

Pistorius went to his uncle's house with his family after being set free on bail in the shooting death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. His coach says he wants him to start training again soon. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> south africa , though, where former olympian oscar pistorius is spending his first full day out on bail. michelle kosinski is in pretoria with more. good morning.

>> reporter: hi. oscar pistorius went to his unc ally -- his uncle's house now that he's not allowed to the scene of the crime , his mansion. one of many conditions of bail, still free he is. his coach says he wants to start training him again as soon as monday. oscar pistorius had reason to smile but didn't, heading home with his family. out of jail. an international pack of photographers chased the suv to his uncle's secure home. when the two-hour ruling was read friday keeping a packed courtroom and the world on the edge of its seat --

>> the accused his made a case to be released on bail.

>> yes!

>> reporter: the emotion flowed. pistorius sobbed. his body shaking. his family overcome with relief. at one point holding hands and praying.

>> we are relieved. the fact that oscar got bail today. at the same time, we are in mourning for the death of reeva with her family.

>> reporter: a friend of victim reeva steenkamp was also in court.

>> we pray that justice will prevail. and it's still very sad that we need to remember that somebody's lost a life.

>> reporter: new a relative's home may be where pistorius will have to stay these next weeks, months, possibly more than a year leading up to trial. the judge ruled he will have to surrender his passports, guns, can't use drugs or alcohol, can't go back home. has to have permission to leave town and will have to check in with police twice a week starting monday. this past week, his manager canceled upcoming races. sponsors like nike suspended contracts with him. his long-time coach says he wants him to start training again immediately.

>> i think just to get his mind clear. the sooner he can start with the better work the better.

>> reporter: in court the judge said he had difficulties with parts of pistorius ' story. why he rushed toward where pistorius claimed was terrifying danger, didn't who was in the bathroom he fired into, never went searching for his girlfriend when he realized she wasn't in bed. but he ruled that a free pistorius is not a danger and in this case won't run. and he doesn't have to be back in court until june. this morning, reeva steenkamp's father gave an interview to a newspaper saying the only people who really know what happened are oscar pistorius and god. and no matter how much money he has or how good his legal team is he will have to live with his conscience. if he speaks the truth, her father says, one day he might be able to forgive him.