TODAY   |  February 23, 2013

Northeast braces for snow that buried Midwest

Intense snow caused a plane to slide off a runway, a roof to give in at a dance school and snow over a foot deep in Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas. The storm is losing strength as it moves east, but residents are getting ready for whatever comes their way. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> we do want to begin this hour with another big blast of winter weather from coast to coast . dylan is tracking it all. dylan, good morning. a lot of the folks who have been hit before are going to get hit again, right?

>>> that seems to be the trend. every area that has been hit will get more wintry weather. this time it is heading back into new england. right now, it's dumping several inches of rain in the southeast. some areas could see up to a foot of snow as parts of the midwest are struggling this morning to get back on track. the snow kept on coming and coming and coming as so many were making their way home from their president's day vacations. a united plane slid off the runway in cleveland, but no one was hurt. problems from the snowbound midwest airports rippled out to cause over 2,000 flight cancelations.

>> there's probably ten people sleeping in the restaurant.

>> reporter: as for drivers, they either had to dig it out, scrape it off or push it out.

>> easy, easy.

>> making for dangerous conditions on the roads.

>> bad. real bad. icy and slippery.

>> reporter: the minnesota highway patrol blames the snow for over 500 accidents. the roof gave way at this missouri dance school . before it was all over, there were 13 inches of snow on the ground in northern oklahoma, 13.5 in northeast missouri, and 18 inches in southern kansas. on michigan's upper peninsula , it was deep enough to lose the dog. [ laughter ]

>> reporter: thoughts of summer. these milwaukee brewers fans are camping out in subfreezing temperatures to be the first in line when tickets go on sale this morning. the storm is losing strength as it moves east. but in massachusetts where they've been hit by two major storms back to back, they're getting the roads ready for whatever comes their way.

>> cracks in the surface and water gets in, the snow gets in, then it freezes. erupts and causes holes. we have to keep up with this.

>> right now we're seeing the rain down across the southeast and heavy rain at that just south of atlanta. moving into southern alabama and northern florida. we will also see some thunderstorms, too. that could produce perhaps several inches of rainfall. winter weather advisories are in effect across the northeast. it's interior new england that will see most of the snow, especially with the highest elevations. could see sleet mixed in in northwestern new jersey. but six to nine inches would be isolated to interior areas moving up into new hampshire. and again, the highest elevations, most of southern new england would see about three to six inches with right on the border of one to three, along the coast in boston. out in the northwest, we are seeing another storm system move through idaho into nevada. this is going to be another major storm for the midwest . and in earl -- an early look at what computer models are saying for early next week, we could see another six to 12 inches of snow in the midwest on top of the major storm they are digging out from right now. erica?

>> just what they want to