TODAY   |  February 23, 2013

Plus-sized fashion goes mainstream

The models at London’s mainstream fashion week were predictably thin, but a fringe fashion week event -- where all the models were plus-size -- were on a mission to educate people that curvy women can look great on the catwalk. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>>> this morning on "today style," plus-sized fashion shows . as annabel roberts shows, curvier figures are becoming all the rage on catw dscatwalks around the world.

>> reporter: red carpet stars, adele, christina hendricks , and octavia spencer , part of a new movement in hollywood -- curvy and proud. there's still nothing curve when he it comes to the catwalk. the models at london 's mainstream fashion week were predictably thin.

>> the fact that there isn't variation, that's a problem. and that is definitely a bad message to be sending out.

>> reporter: jada is a plus-sized model, dress size 14. she founded a london fashion week event where all the models were plus size. similar events have taken place in new york for several years. sitting in the front row , a woman from oregon on a mission.

>> plus-size women are constantly told all the time that they're not allowed to wear fashion, they're not allowed to feel beautiful. these events say you can.

>> reporter: what are you hoping to achieve with this event?

>> we are trying to educate people that plus size, curvy women can look great on the catwalk. and hopefully slowly but surely these will win the hearts of the plus-sized community.

>> reporter: this model says no question attitudes are changing.

>> i think it's very important. i think it's really that plus-size people themselves are making the change. i think it's very empowering to women in general.

>> reporter: singer adele was described as a little too fat by fashion guru karl lagerfeld . she hit back, "i represent the majority of women, and i'm proud of that." on the red carpet , she wears stunning designer gowns specially made for her fuller figure. for regular plus-size women, and that's more than half the female population in the u.s., clothes shopping can be a challenge.

>> i constantly am told that my section is downstairs in a back corner near furniture or menswear usually. i'm sorry, i thought i was a woman. i was allowed to shop in women's wear.

>> reporter: the hope is that thanks to fashion events like this and red carpet sensations like this curvy styles will become more fashionable. for "today," annabel roberts, nbc news, london .