TODAY   |  February 23, 2013

Manhunt intensifies after Vegas Strip shooting

"I didn't have him long enough. So I have to live with that," said Ken Cherry, father of Kenny “Clutch” Cherry, an aspiring rapper who was killed when his car was shot on the Las Vegas Strip, sending his car into several others, killing both Cherry and two others. NBC’s Diana Alvear reports.

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>>> we begin with the search for suspects in connection with a deadly shooting on the las vegas strip . new information about the victims. we have more from los angeles . good morning.

>> reporter: erica, good morning. the driver of the maserati , kenny clutch cherry, was an aspiring rapper. while he had minor run-ins with the law several years ago, so far nothing explains why he would have been targeted for murder. authorities are hoping ever-present surveillance cameras in sin city provide the break they need. today investigators are scouring recordings from surveillance cameras . both inside and around the aria hotel.

>> there is quite a bit of video available that we are at this point in time retrieving.

>> reporter: hoping they hold the clues that could provide the break they need in thursday's horrific shooting. the crime scene has been cleared. and the vegas strip is back open for business. still, authorities don't seem any closer to determining what led to the shooting. the gunman still on the loose. police say it began with an argument at the valet stand at the aria. the conflict continued on the vegas strip , witnesses said, when someone in a black range rover fired several shots at a gray maserati . the maserati spun out of control, hitting several cars, including a taxi that exploded. three people were killed. the taxi driver identified overnight as michael bolden, his passenger, sandra sutton wasmond, and the driver of the maserati identified as kenneth clutch cherry.

>> reporter: the father of three was an aspiring rapper who rapped about his beloved sports car in a recent music video .

>> you never want it leave your children leave before you leave. i didn't have him long enough. so i have to live with that.

>> reporter: news of the shooting and accident stunned tourists.

>> terrifying really. i mean, we're staying at caesar's. it definitely could have been us.

>> we're from a small town in missouri. and, you know, things like that don't happen. i'm like, honey, that happened right out the window. crazy.

>> reporter: this manhunt spans four states. authorities say they're looking for a black range rover with paper plates. the vehicle they say may contain the gunman who turned the vegas strip into a scene of tragedy. erica?