TODAY   |  February 23, 2013

Kansas City could be bull’s-eye for incoming storm

“This is going to turn into another big storm for the Midwest,” said TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer. Though the region has already sustained massive snowfall, a weather system from the west is on the way.

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>>> we do begin with the wintry weather which is hitting from coast to coast . dylan is tracking the storm, keeping very busy on a saturday morning. good morning.

>> good morning for sure. we have a lot of wet weather to talk about. right now it's mostly across the southeast. moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico . so that's part one to the storm with heavy rain coming down across alabama and down into georgia. moving into the carolinas. but we are focusing on the northeast. especially new england which has been getting hit by storm after storm. we do is winter weather advisories in effect across especially interior new england, back into central pennsylvania, and also into portions of western virginia , as well. we could even see a little bit of freezing rain in northwestern new jersey. but it looks like we'll end up with about three to six inches. again, we have to overcome some of the rain that's out there right now. at least on the leading edge of the storm. that's going to eat away at some of the snowfall totals. highe efest elevations, sikd to 12 inches . boston, over a few inches. then we're focusing on the northwest through idaho, nevada now. we do have snow coming down. and this is going to turn into another big storm for the midwest as we go into early next week. here you see the time frame on this particular computer model . notably the european model which has been very good at forecasting these snowstorms well in advance. so far this season. saturday to tuesday, in that time frame , you could see snow is going to overspread the midwest once again. kansas city could be the bull's eye just like it was last week, and the midwest could end up with 6 to 12 inches of snow . that's something we'll watch heading into early next week. erica?