TODAY   |  February 22, 2013

Pitbull gives a tour of his hometown Miami

The musical superstar known as Mr. Worldwide goes back to his roots in Miami, showing off his beloved “melting pot” hometown which he credits for keeping him grounded.

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>> and today, he's taking the day off from running his global empire to show off the city he loves.

>> i'm going to show you miami from the other side. i'm going to show you now what inspires me to put out worldwide music. therefore, welcome to the bottom, the magic city , 305. and to the whole world, miami .

>> he was born armando perez to cuban-american parents in little havana .

>> i got to grow up in a city that was growing at the same time. it's like we're both learning together. miami is a melting pot , so many different cultures. you had to learn how to adapt to any environment quick.

>> it's also what kept him grounded. even pitbull says the most important day of his life wasn't the day he got his number one single but the day he got the key to the city .

>> we've come a long way, baby, for real.

>> especially for the boy who used to day dream about living in this house across the water on the exclusive island of key biscayne . look familiar? it was featured in the 1983 al pacino classic "scarface."

>> if i were to ever become the president of the united states of america , i would say washington, d.c., thank you so much. i really appreciate it, the opportunity and the generosity, but that would be my white house right there. and you already know that the secret service agents would definitely look a lot better. yeah.

>> cruising around miami , it would almost seem pitbull is already president, by the legions of fans excited to catch a glimpse of their idol.

>> thank you.

>> but to locals --

>> how are you guys doing?

>> it's not the gold record that is impress them. it's the charitable work pitbull has made his life's mission.

>> we just want to give back to the community but at the same time let them know i'm from the same spot and going through the same struggles.

>> his latest project, building a charter high school called slam in the same neighborhood he grew up for students looking for a career in the sports industry.

>> in no way, shape or form, being raised and growing up in mia miami , i never would have imagined me standing on land of a school that i'm part of. it's emotional for me.

>> clearly it's emotional for these future students as well.

>> someone like pitbull taking an interest in this.

>> it's going to be a great school and the kids that will attend this school could present something that miami could be great.

>> boy, you have a future in politics.

>> and a brighter future for all these students. for their hometown of miami and for their hometown hero .

>> so nice of pitbull to give us a guided tour of miami and just a great guy, too.

>> we love him.

>> i love the concept of scarface.

>> we're all for that. we learned all his --

>> delicious.

>> literally how rich.