TODAY   |  February 22, 2013

Faking it: How to score the perfect tan

After being in LA for more than a week with no trace of a tan, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb decide to learn how to fake it with assistance of Jenni Blafer of Sunkissed By Jenni, who helps them get their glow on.

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>> in this case fake issing a good thing. here to show you how to get a gorgeous glow is jenny blaze frer sunkissed by jenny .

>> hello, jenny .

>> jenny , if that's your real name.

>> is it true that people look thinner with a tan?

>> yes. completely. 100%. more defined. kind of slimlines your legs.

>> you have to be worried about the orange? a lot of people who have those tans look orangey.

>> doesn't matter how thin you are. if you are orange, it's weird.

>> you do not need a lot. less is more.

>> let's fix jesse up. here's jesse 's before picture.

>> he didn't need much.

>> now, tell us what's wrong with jesse .

>> nothing.

>> nothing. exactly.

>> all right. show us what you are going to do now, jenny , to jesse 's abs.

>> we are going to contour his abs. just make them pop out.

>> contour.

>> a little more defined. right here.

>> i just want --

>> you can touch them if you like. i'm kidding.

>> yeah. you're right.

>> that looks so much -- wow. look. you guys see the difference?

>> yeah.

>> i know, but if i touch him, it will --

>> it will dry.

>> dry first.

>> you can make it darker if you want.

>> that only works if you have abs to begin with.

>> you are doing runway, right?

>> well, i mean, i could draw them on even if you didn't have them, but it looks better --

>> he looks great.

>> it's fun.

>> this is something you can do at home, isn't it, jenny ?

>> you could buy the machine and do it yourself at home, but it's too difficult.

>> let's look at sara 's before. sara looks adorable no matter what. sara 's before picture.

>> now, what did you do to sara ? you sprayed her?

>> so i sprayed her. just evened out everything. we just can do a little contouring as well.

>> to the black tent.

>> and you don't want to go too much. you just kind of want to streamline right here.

>> right where it is natural.

>> go deep. go deep. sfroo feel the burn.

>> like that.

>> also --

>> sara has very, very impressive cleavage.

>> how long does this last, jenny , when you spray one of these on?

>> anywhere from five to ten days.

>> so you can shower and everything and it doesn't come off?

>> yu. eight hours, you spray. eight hours, and are you good to go. snoo how much does it run if you went to your shop?

>> you can do in salon or house calls . $60 in salon. it ranges. anywhere from $50 to $75. $100 and $200 in house.

>> what do you do for this? spray it.

>> nothing for --

>> you can just do a color darker here.

>> do it. do it. as we go out.

>> get under there.

>> oh, yeah. how is that. oh. that looks good. you don't even need it. i didn't know you had that muscle. oh, my god.

>> kathie. two trips to the