TODAY   |  February 22, 2013

Hey KLG, Hoda! Who is the better dancer?

In this edition of “3,2,1 Live! With Sara Haines,” Redfoo, from LMFAO, asks KLG and Hoda who is the better dancer, something Kathie Lee seems to be particularly proud of.

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>> that will just blow our minds.

>> oh, we do. okay. first up we have katie .

>> hi, katie .

>> hi, katie .

>> i was wondering what is your guys' favorite thing about california?

>> can i tell you what my favorite thing about california is? right here right now this sunshine. this sunshine in february. this sunshine.

>> you keep reminding yourself you're in the dead of winter here. mine is that exactly all for the fact that my children are out here. you want to be where your kids are.

>> okay. next up we've got julie, and she's going to ask something about your earliest drink. i can only wonder if it's age or team of day. either one will be interesting.

>> time of day. what's the earliest in the morning that you drink?

>> that is very personal.

>> sorry. we got you a drink.

>> okay. now it's --

>> our earliest is 10:00 . that's when our show starts. we don't have our first show until the show begins.

>> well, stimsz we're on the earlier hours xshgs they have wine tastings and things, but that's not our fault. that's just our job.

>> we are doing what we're told to do.

>> and born to do.

>> thank you.

>> he might have a question for the ladies. here we go. do it, redfoo.

>> who is the better dancer when nobody is watching?

>> oh.

>> oh.

>> who has had the most practice because she's older?

>> let's have a vote. okay. and go.

>> who thinks hoda is a better dancer? [ cheering ]

>> is that it?

>> i leave my best moves for certain people.

>> redfoo.

>> really, kathie, that will be in our next segment. come on up here, michael. here you go.

>> as an avid runner, i would like to know, hoda, have you had a chance to take advantage of our beautiful california sun and get out and run?

>> you know what, i haven't been able to run outside yet because of our hours. tlooef been so crazy. when we were in santa monica and i was looking at that beautiful area right along the beach all i wanted to do was run, but we were working so i wasn't able to. hopefully in the next couple of days.

>> we're going to stay a few extra days and run off all those --

>> i have eaten like a hog since i have gotten here.

>> because of curtis.

>> we can't help it.