TODAY   |  February 22, 2013

Paula Deen whips up light Buffalo chicken bites

Paula Deen and her son Bobby, in Miami for the annual South Beach Wine and Food Festival, join the TODAY anchors to demonstrate how to whip up a lighter version of Buffalo-style chicken bites.

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>>> what's for dinner? how about some buffalo chicken bites? here in miami you don't have a party until you invite the deens. paula and bobby are here. of course, paula , what are you eating? having a little ice, okay.

>> it is so hot!

>> you have to stay hydrated. you guys, part of this south beach food and wine -- wine and food festival for years now.

>> yes. $17 million donated to the children's program.

>> it is fabulous. education, y'all. elise yagers is the bomb. the food and wine goes to feed the hungry. this is for education. both of those are so necessary.

>> you both look terrific. you both lost weight.

>> look at you.

>> no, look at you.

>> hot, hot, hot.

>> buffalo chicken wings . you have these buffalo chicken bite.

>> we're making chicken balls , honey.

>> they're called chicken bites, paula , but --

>> they look like chicken balls to me.

>> set your watches. that's where it all went wrong. how do you get this thing going?

>> great for parties. good hors d'oeuvres for the oscars.

>> yes, yes.

>> super bowl party .

>> super bowl party .

>> this is super light.

>> yes.

>> lean, ground white chicken.

>> it's ground, uh-huh.

>> you want me to start mix iing this, son, while you're telling them?

>> please feel free.

>> somebody do something, please.

>> all right, all right. low-fat mayonnaise.

>> all right. i won't do nothing.

>> do it, do it, do it.

>> let me tell everybody about this recipe, bobby.

>> do it.

>> you can find this and other recipes on diabetes in a new light on our website. we are take iing more fattening recipes and breaking them down. we're breaking them down and we're making them more diabetic friendly or if you're just watching your weight, we're making it light.

>> the chicken bites we've got --

>> shallots, hot sauce .

>> to abasco.

>> garlic.

>> fiber, vegetables.

>> yes.

>> little something --

>> i'm just going to do this.

>> mash it all up?

>> you may as well.

>> make it into these little balls?

>> uh-huh. you finally realized what it is.

>> if you can't beat them, join them.

>> just throw those out there.

>> wait, where am i going to put my balls?

>> back in the bowl.

>> yeah, okay.

>> i know, right?

>> and what do we have for dessert, paula ?

>> we've got a berry crumble.

>> something very light. and the topping is not completely over there.

>> right.

>> you have little dollops of it.

>> i know you know what i'm talking about when i say it's really about moderation.

>> yes.

>> that's what bobby is teaching.

>> it's about making good choices. be careful which one you choose here. stek to the left side.

>> you have to remember, your mom has been touching that skumpg. you have washed your hands, haven't you?

>> that skunk had been defumed or whatever they call it.

>> skunk?

>> i was petting a skunk.

>> i was wondering.