TODAY   |  February 22, 2013

Miami style, from the beach to the club

Three fashion bloggers from Miami – Annie Vazquez, Ginger Harris, and Maria Tettamanti ­– share their versions of Miami style, including a casual beach look, a daytime boho chic ensemble, and a hot look for nighttime.

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>>> this morning on "today's" style, sizzling styles, from electric blogga rella. ladies, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you all have your own definitions of miami style as we'll see on the models. annie, what is your idea of what epitomizes miami ?

>> it's all about color. we love fun accessories. we love a little bit of boho chic glam and, of course, some bling to go with it.

>> all right. let's bring out your model. this is miami style on the beach look. this is jackie , along with little mia, modeling this one. tell me what jackie is modeling and we'll get to beautiful mia.

>> a one full-piece from i love this look. it looks great on all skin types. it makes you look very slim.

>> ruching on the body.

>> yes it makes you look a size smaller. bre and from old navy, with a little bit of bling on it.

>> what about little mia here?

>> she is wearing.

>> her sunglasses.

>> so cute those heart-shaped sunglasses from claire's boutique. her tankini is from old navy. i love the ruffles because it accentuates the waist and looks adorable.

>> she knows how to model already. she's a pro. thank you, jackie and mia. next, ginger harris, electric blog bloggarella. you like the boho chic . this, we're seeing on model marcella.

>> from marona larieux. we paired it with jewelry. we also did a ring. to give it the chic angle we paired it with metallic accessories like the vintage bag as well as the mia suit.

>> mom and daughter are matching.

>> yes. sienna has on ramona larieux as well.

>> the maxi dress is still in?

>> it works for all body types .

>> thank you, ladies. our last fashion blogger is maria -- nice job, sienna. your category is miami style night life . we know it's all about the night life here, right?

>> absolutely.

>> tell us what your model is wearing.

>> the look here is we love color, we love minimalist cut and love to show some skin and we love easy and breezy because it's hot here all the time. she's wearing miami -based designer alexis, part of her spring collection available in bloomingdale stores nationwide. we added some va-va-voom. we have some forever 21 hoops and choker, some lola james jewelry bracelets available at and local designer collins around the neck.

>> i love that you all profile some key miami designers here as well. it is a big fashion scene here. ladies, thank you so much for your great work.