TODAY   |  February 22, 2013

TODAY anchors make their Oscar predictions

The TODAY anchors, along with Paula Deen, chat about the hot topics of the day and cast their votes for this weekend’s Oscar winners, predicting Daniel Day-Lewis will win Best Actor and Jessica Chastain will take the statuette for Best Actress.

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>> tell us about the wine and food festival that brings you here every year.

>> i heard last night, willie, that this function has raised over $17 million.

>> that's right.

>> for these children wanting to go to school. and lee shrager, my hat is off to him. i don't see how he does it.

>> he has extended it to new york .

>> yes! new york that's a whole different ball game . here we're kind of all in one spot. but in new york , i mean, it's everywhere. i don't see how he does it.

>> it's a huge boost to the economy, too. tourism. people come this time of year just for this event. it's amazing.

>> and everybody has been so excited about y'all being here.

>> we ate our way back and drank our way through.

>> you and bobby hosted it last night.

>> yes. i feel like i've arrived. i can return now.

>> it sounded like the all-star game for chefs like yourselves. was it fun to get together and see everybody?

>> yes. people think if we're all on the food network we're together all the time. but no, that's not true. we hardly ever get to see each other.

>> there's no food network clubhouse?

>> no, no. we're not at each other's house on christmas morning . and so i look forward to seeing all my cohorts and just buddying up. i don't know if they do or not, savannah. i know i certainly don't.

>> we were a little competitive.

>> we had a good time.

>> i'm just a cook. i don't know how i got lucky enough to be here amongst all these chefs.

>> there's a lot of food. there's also a lot of drink.

>> how come you only have the --

>> well, i'll share. we've got one for everybody.

>> here we go.

>> a virgin. mine's a virgin.

>> made you a virgin.

>> made you a special one.

>> created this special mojito a and virgin for you as well, paula .

>> kind of the "today" show colors. did you all know miami has a 24-hour liquor license.

>> really?

>> we joke about the people on the beach having had a few before the show --

>> seven days a week.

>> now it's just us.

>> so we didn't violate any state laws.

>> good. what happens when they do go 24 hours ? that leads us to our next take two, right?

>> it does. you need the south beach hangover cure. the party cycle kind of goes around the clock here.

>> yes.

>> it's called revive. south beach revive, board certified doctors got together to try to figure out how to cure the hangover. it's hydrating iv treatment.

>> iv?

>> iv with vitamin d .

>> how much have you been drinking that you need -- what the heck?

>> oxygen treatment. look at these people what they're going through to get rid of the hangover.

>> you have to stop drinking before you do this.

>> in true south beach style, upscale setting, massage chairs.

>> really?

>> they'll even come to you, right?

>> anybody above the age of 18 that passes a brief medical screening.

>> wait a minute, 18, why?

>> i bet it's very brief, though.

>> we should hope 21, because that's the age --

>> it's 18.

>> let's hope you're not drinking --

>> any time there's a needle going into your arm, that's a sign from god that you're drink ing too much!

>> maybe dial it back the next time.

>> it's very quick. you can go there and get straight to the bar.

>> pop in right back to the bar, exactly.

>> wow!

>> talk about problems.

>> my niece did that one time. she had been out partying and drinking and she's not a big drinker, but she felt so rotten the next morning. and it just so happened she was dating a doctor.

>> oh, what did he do for her?

>> he gave her the fluids and she said she felt like a new person.

>> because hangover is partly due to dehydration, so i've heard.

>> right.

>> not that we're recommending this or anything.

>> right. i would like to have hooked michael up to one.

>> your husband?

>> my husband.

>> all righty. well, paula , we'll get into therapy a little later.

>> good times with paula deen .

>>> oscars are coming up this weekend. on sunday we're having our miami beach party here today but it's a big holiday party --

>> no more mojitos for you. take another drink.

>> here is what it is, hollywood party .

>> check, please!

>> let's make our predictions in a few different categories. we'll start with best picture . we split here. s savannah, natalie and al all going with golden globe winner "argo."

>> i like the saying that alan larkin has.

>> we can't say it on tv.

>> paula , you and i like "silver linings playbook" and "dark horse."

>> i love bradley cooper . i love the fact, willie, that this is about a real family.

>> yep.

>> and real problems.

>> uh-huh.

>> and that they're being talked about, because i think mental illness, it definitely has a stig stigma. and it comes with embarrassment and shame. so i thought it was great that it's being talked about.

>> and it is getting a lot of buzz. there's a lot of buzz for david o. russell as director.

>> yes.

>> that brings us to our directing category. savannah, natalie and al again stinking together, going with --

>> "lincoln."

>> steven spielberg for the win. i think it could be ang lee for "the life of pi ." amazing piece of work.

>> and hard movie to do visually.

>> right.

>> he pulls it off. unbelievable.

>> and, paula , back to "silver linings playbook" for david o. russell for you. i'm starting to get the feeling you like this movie a little bit.

>> i do. and did you all see bradley cooper in "the words"?

>> no.

>> he's on fire.

>> he is. and he is so pretty.

>> and there you go.

>> so i take it you would like him for best actor ?

>> well, best anything.

>> i'm going with you on that, by the way.

>> because you're buds and you speak french.

>> team savannah, natalie and al, daniel day lewis .

>> "lincoln."

>> he's the favorite. we would be surprised if he didn't win it.

>> be in character throughout the whole production in itself deserves it.

>> let's look at actress in a leading role . savannah and i both like jessica chastain in "zero dark thirty" you have an interesting choice, natalie , emmanuelle riva for "amore."

>> and al, which way did you go here?

>> jennifer lawrence .

>> the favorite in that category.

>> "silver linings playbook" again. i would be happy with jennifer lawrence , too.

>> it was so competitive.

>> lot of good movies. i don't know. is she with bradley cooper again for best actress ?

>> you picked quvenzhane wallis.

>> i was so tickled to see the oldest and the youngest.

>> what a wonderful story.

>> what a reign.

>> "beasts of the southern wild," beautiful film as well.

>> she is darling. did i see her with you the other day, al?

>> a couple of weeks ago.

>> right and she was too quoout cute.

>> thank you so much.

>> am i leaving?

>> are you sticking around?

>> i thought you were telling me good-bye.

>> never, never. we've got pictures of bradley cooper to show