TODAY   |  February 22, 2013

Oscar preview: ‘Lincoln’, ‘Argo’ expected to win big

The red carpet is already down in anticipation of Hollywood’s biggest awards night, the Oscars. E!’s Jason Kennedy gives a preview of the big night, during which “Lincoln” star Daniel Day-Lewis and “Argo” are expected to be awarded golden statuettes.

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>>> that on "today" monday.

>>> we have this preview for the oscars .

>> reporter: the oscars are almost here. and this year, a bit of an edge with seth mcfarlane , off-color mind behind "family guy" hosting.

>> a fine line he's hoping to hit between push iing the envelope but not going too far.

>> reporter: and the movies.

>> if there is a theme to this year's oscars it's american movies reclaiming the awards.

>> reporter: lincoln is the most nominated with 12 nods but argo seems to have the momentum in the best picture category.

>> i'm asking you to trust me.

>> reporter: it's an awards show noteworthy for as much as who's out as who's in.

>> who is not nominated, kathryn bigelow , quentin tarantino and, of course, ben affleck .

>> daniel day lewis is expected to run away with best actor , which would make him the first ever to win the award three times. anne hathaway is expected to continue her hot streak by taking home the best supporting actress award. there has never been a category quite as loaded as best supporting actor .

>> this is the first time in oscar history that all five nominees in one category are all past oscar winners.

>> reporter: for best actress , regardless of who wins, history has already been made.

>> the academy made history twice. they nominated the oldest nominee ever, emanuelle riva, who turns 86 on oscar night, as well as the youngest nominee quvenzhane wallis. she is only 9.

>> reporter: hoping to make history itself.

>> we remind everybody, be sure to join us monday morning. we've got a really exciting morning after the oscars . al, you're heading out to hollywood.

>> and i'm bringing meredith with me.

>> miss vieira will be up all night, go to the hottest parties, talk to the stars, see what they were wearing and drag themselves back into work the next morning.

>> it's a tough assignment but somebody has to do it.