TODAY   |  February 22, 2013

Inside building of 90,000-square-foot Florida palace

Miami mogul David Siegel and his wife, Jackie, give a tour of their massive dream home, under construction again after a hiatus following the 2008 economic nosedive.

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>>> friday field trip in the beautiful city of miami . and beautiful along the beach here.

>> it pales in comparison to a house under construction in the orlando area . janet shamlian is at the 90,000 square foot mansion called versailles . good morning.

>> reporter: good morning to you. if it looks like a palace, it's no coincidence whatsoever. when the couple building this house honeymooned in france, they visited versailles and discovered, sadly, it wasn't for sale. they re-created it here. along the way it's become the subject of a movie and faced foreclosure. now it's back on track and poised to become one of the largest homes in america. enormous doesn't even begin to describe it. some airports aren't this big.

>> we never sought out to build the biggest house in america. it's just what kind of happened.

>> reporter: these are scenes from the film "queen of versailles ," his 47-year-old beauty queen wife, jackie, build their super-sized dream home.

>> by the time we both got what we wanted, now it's 90,000 square feet .

>> reporter: for a while, it was a fairy tale .

>> at one point, the market fell.

>> reporter: but as the economy nose dived in 2008 , construction stopped cold, as the siegels faced the same fate as so many ov overleveraged americans.

>> probably have to list it, put it on the market.

>> reporter: now three years later, construction crews are back. what is the intent now? are you finishing it to sell it?

>> no. we're finishing it to actually finish it. but we do want to live in there.

>> reporter: even with eight children, they could stay put.

>> it's kind of becoming one of the most famous closets in the country right now.

>> reporter: their current house is no starter home . 26,000 square feet , 15 bedrooms, four kitchens.

>> are you ready?

>> reporter: and a closet urban dwellers could live in.

>> this is bigger than most new york apartments i think.

>> that's what i've been told.

>> ten miles from the office.

>> reporter: just a rolls royce drive away. how tall are the ceilings in here?

>> 45 feet.

>> you could put a four-story building in here.

>> reporter: playroom, workout room, roller rink , bowling alley , ten kitchens, three pools and two tennis courts but no one is packing moving boxes just yet. there's at least three years worth of work still to be done here. and as for the documentary, knowing what you do now, would you do it all over again?

>> no.

>> no. but what i would do different if i had known so many millions of people would be seeing it is i would have worn more makeup.

>> reporter: siegel says his company is profitable. they can afford it. why not? he did file suit against the film makers, however, saying it unfairly portrayed his company. that suit was dismissed. as for jackie, she is embracing her newfound freedom and says when she gets this thing built, she's interested in a reality show. savannah, back to you.

>> no surprise there.

>> wow, all right.

>> that walk-in closet is much bigger than my apartment. not even kidding.

>> when you need a gps to find your spouse in a house it's not good.