TODAY   |  February 22, 2013

Winter storm bombards Midwest with snow

Much of the Midwest is covered in a blanket of white as a massive winter storm has covered parts of Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas with over a foot of snow. NBC’s John Yang reports.

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>>> in. it's warm and sunny here in miami, but the middle of the country is being bombarded with snow. john yang is in chicago . good morning to you.

>> reporter: i actually thought i was going to be on set with you guys this morning. i don't know what happened here. in chicago , we're getting a lull from the heaviest of snow as this storm, which pummeled the plains, is now moving east. across the midwest, it's shaping up to be another tough day to get from point a to point b. on the roads --

>> this is a terrible day for everybody.

>> reporter: just take a look at what this minivan does to a traffic light in illinois. getting into the air is no easier. more flights are canceled and airports struggle to reopen.

>> i first walked in, saw the line here and said this cannot be good.

>> reporter: at nbc's kansas city affiliate, staying on the air is the challenge, as staff clears snow out of satellite dishes. across the region, snow is falling at a furious pace, challenging shovellers.

>> trying to keep sidewalks and everything clear.

>> reporter: the storm is leaving behind impressive snowfall accumulations, 10.5 inches in raymore, missouri, 12.5 in alva, oklahoma, and a foot and a half in kansas. in kansas, state office is closed for all but essential workers. in texas, the problem is ice. south of new deal, texas, a seven-car accident shuts down traffic on an interstate highway . you don't have to work or travel. it's a time for fun.

>> she's playing all over the place in it, loving it.

>> reporter: for this young girl it's a chance to do something nice for dad.

>> i am cleaning up the driveway so that when my dad gets home, he can get warm inside and get in the house.

>> reporter: chicago is getting its heaviest snowfall in more than a year. willie?

>> john yang , lose the hat and come on down and hang out with us.