TODAY   |  February 22, 2013

3 killed in Las Vegas shooting, car explosion

In a scene witnesses describe as looking like a Hollywood set, a confrontation between a group of men escalated into a shooting, multiple vehicle pileup, and an exploding taxicab. The incident left three people dead. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> a manhunt is under way after a deadly shootout in the las vegas strip . miguel almaguer is there with more.

>> reporter: good morning, carl. police are combing through mounds of surveillance tape, trying to i.d. their suspects. this all began in a parking lot area, then spilled on to the street just behind me. mayhem on the vegas strip . a car fully engulfed in flames moments after a wild shooting. three killed in a scene described by witnesses as something that looked like a hollywood set.

>> a few second delay, two or three seconds. then i heard a series of gun shots.

>> reporter: police say it all began with a confrontation between a group of men at the aria hotel valet parking area. soon they were on the vegas strip . the suspects in a black range rover, the victims in a gray mazeratti. hitting the mazerratti driver, who sped through an intersection, colliding with several cars, including a taxi that burst into flames. two inside the cab killed in the explosion. the driver of the mazzeratti identified by his family as ken cherry also dead. with the heart of the vegas strip shut down much of thursday, a multi-state, multi-agency manhunt is under way. investigators say if their suspects ever entered a hotel it's quite likely they're captured on camera. they also say their manhunt now has entered 24 hours and they will likely close in on their suspect some time soon. carl?

>> miguel almaguer in las vegas ,