TODAY   |  February 21, 2013

How much will an L.A. zip code set you back?

Mauricio Umansky, Founder and CEO of The Agency (and husband to Beverly Hills ‘Real Housewives’ star Kyle Richards) shares some of the hottest properties in Los Angeles, and how much it’ll cost you to have celebrity neighbors in the Hollywood Hills.

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the one and only, cheerios

>> all right. the sun is so addicting out here in california, so we thought we would take a look at the local real estate market just in case you're looking.

>> you're in the market. you can live next to george clooney , ryan gosling , eva longoria , and it may not set you back as much as you might think.

>> that's right. mauricio is the founder and ceo of the agency.

>> look who is here.

>> how are you?

>> great. thank you for having me here today.

>> congrats on all your awards. the wall street jushl picked you as the top realtor or something like that in the area.

>> yeah, thank you very much. yeah, it's great to be picked like that.

>> what is your secret? all that charm.

>> all that sexy charm. that's what does it.

>> let's look at the affordable stuff to --

>> studio city could be an affordable place for people to live, right?

>> studio city you could find some great places. you know, the average price in los angeles is $1,230,000 compared to the midwest where you are able to pick something up in denver for $434,000.

>> it's more than double here.

>> it's more than double, but not as pricey as manhattan where the average price is $2.3 million.

>> tell bus a condo in studio city ?

>> there's one condo in studio city that's two bedrooms, two baths. it's listed at $399,000, and it's just a beautiful condo. it's classic 1950s style. it's got a courtyard, garden complex with pool, beautiful tree-lined streets. it's a corner unit with a split floor plan .

>> this is the area like celebrities and clooney and zach ephron live in this area.

>> vanessa hudgins.

>> you can get everywhere.

>> take us to calabasas. a three bedroom home there goes for?

>> well, calabasas is fantastic. there's a three bedroom home that's $569,000. that's where justin bieber recently purchased a property, and, you know, of course, the area of many celebrities like -- and reality shows like nick leche and --

>> you'll run into a lot of kardashians.

>> a lot of kardashian love going on down there.

>> by the end of the day there could be three more babies.

>> that's for sure.

>> all right.

>> take us to silver lake . this is an 1800 square foot home, and what would this cost you?

>> yeah, this home is really cool, and this is -- this home will cost you $799,000. it's three bedrooms, two baths. it's an old 1949 charming spanish house. really beautiful. it's got, you know, views from every window, outdoor spaces, great outdoor living and entertainment areas.

>> that's the guest houshgs i guess, we just saw?

>> that's a cool tree house . you know, the archways are really beautiful, and you have a nice pool and spa, and the views are fantastic down there.

>> what about west hollywood ? that's where folks like lindsay lohan , kelly ozborne. lindsay lohan --

>> party in west hollywood . you better be a late nighter in west hollywood .

>> west hollywood is a fun place to live. it's one of those great spots. this particular condo is actually owned by the famed play write jerry herman who wrote " hello dolly ."

>> songwriter.

>> gorgeous.

>> look at that. wow.

>> he combined two units. he has 4,000 square feet . a real open loft style. really spared no expense. you have the --

>> piano comes with it. boy, it's terrific.

>> that would make it all worth it, right?

>> a lot of hits on that thing.

>> finally, we have the $11 million property in the hollywood hills .

>> that's what hoda wants.

>> that's the one we're getting ready to show you later on today.

>> is that right?

>> yeah.

>> this property is actually fantastic. this is listed at $11.7 million, and it's the famed bird street. it's all open floor plan . really cool contemporary house.

>> wow.

>> lots of bedrooms, 1,200 square feet .

>> that's crazy.

>> spared no expense.

>> 1,200 for the living room .

>> it's like my new york city apartment. just the bedroom.

>> you can see all the way out to catalina and overlooking the entire l.a. basin. that's one of the most chic places to live in right now.

>> that's terrific. thank you so much for joining us. by the way, how are the housewives?