TODAY   |  February 21, 2013

And the Oscar goes to…Predicting this year’s winners

E! News correspondent Jason Kennedy shares his Oscar predictions and weighs in on the presenters, as well as this year’s first-time host, Seth Macfarlane.

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>> beautiful thirsty thursday here. universal studios hollywood where it's city walk , and it is glorious, and we're having a good old time.

>> if there's ever a good time to be in l.a., it's around now, which is around the time of the oscars . the 85th annual oscars .

>> i was at the first one.

>> of course, you were.

>> jason kennedy from e joins us.

>> he was not.

>> hello.

>> how great is this that they're here in los angeles ? it's so good to see you guys. you can stop me whenever you want.

>> this is going to be an interesting year at the ones scars. seth mcfarland is hosting, and you know that is going to be full of surprises.

>> i think a lot of people expected him to host the golden globes first. this isn't a roast, so hopefully he keeps it classy, but i think he is a talented singer.

>> very talented.

>> they might have a musical number to begin with and maybe an appearance by ted the teddy bear . that was a big movie.

>> there are only so many things ted can say on television.

>> ted can get dirty.

>> that's a naughty little bear . sfwhoo best picture , what do you see?

>> argo. it's on a hot streak. it won the bafta and the sag award , the critics choes choice award, the golden globe , or maybe lincoln .

>> what about " lincoln ?"

>> it got 12 nominations.

>> that's the most, right?

>> it's one short of the most.

>> i mean of this batch.

>> of this batch it is, but it's one short of the record, and then " life of pi " --

>> what, like ben hur or --

>> yeah, one of those. " life of pi " has a nomination. it's not going to be " life of pi ."

>> is it the whole deal if you win those --

>> a lot of them are precursors, and then people are saying silent one could be silver linings playbook. that could be one that comes up there and surprises everybody.

>> everybody is talking about the fact that how could it be best picture without ben affleck being nominated for best director .

>> he got the snub. he won the dga, which is a huge honor. i think the academy got it wrong with not putting him there.

>> among those that are in for best director , who do you think will take it?

>> steven speilberg , for sure. when he makes movies about historical figures or moments, i think about schindler's list, he won for that. for " lincoln " he was incredible, and he didn't get nominated for "warhorse" which was a big surprise. i think this is speilberg's year. if not, david r. russell, silver lining 's playbook.

>> away about --

>> i think hugh jackman has a chance. people are saying, you know, if i not daniel day lewis . he has three nominations, and, listen, if he wins this, it's never been done before. he has never won three oscars for best actor before. that's never been done by any man before.

>> he deserves it.

>> if it's not daniel day lewis , i think it could be hugh jackman .

>> a lot of people adore hugh. he certainly deserves it. they're so different. the performances and movies are so completely different.

>> what about best actress ?

>> it's definitely between jessica lawrence and jessica chastain . it's a perfect role for her. she just won the sag award . i think we're going to hear her name.

>> jennifer lawrence .

>> okay.

>> thank you. i love your shirt.

>> thank you. i appreciate it. i love being here.