TODAY   |  February 21, 2013

New tech toys: Pet robot, s’mores kit

Tech expert Katie Linendoll shares the latest and greatest in the gadget world, from a trainable robot pet and LED earrings to a s’mores kit and a mini coffee-brewing mug.

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>>> with the perfect cup of coffee , we have new gadget. with our tech expert. good to see you. what does romo do for me?

>> this is your pet robot, awesome. i call this the ultimate app accessory. put your ipad touch inside the doc and create these different expressions. he's super fast and can play games. you can control him wirelessly. not only is he super cute.

>> let him go a little bit. we heard you can put grandma in there theoretically from countries away and the kids can visit grandma via a robot.

>> and i heard you can spy on people.

>> a little noisy but --

>> take it to a dark place.

>> how about the shower head speaker?

>> i hunt down gadgets. this is one of my favorite gadgets in the last few months. a blue tooth shower head. 75% of americans actually take their phone in the shower.

>> hold on. what?

>> tai tahey take it in the bathroom. i know you're playing apps on the toilet. one touch button, turn the sucker on, it will connect from your smartphone and you can play tunes in your shower head.

>> really? do you use it? quality is good?

>> quality is good.

>> let's test this out.

>> this one is all you.

>> this is my favorite thing, marshmallow and fire, combine the two. it's super cute from a bakery in new york. here's how you fire it up. you have this mini creme brulee torch. you click and create your mini creme brulee .

>> that's how i do it.

>> i almost lost my eyebrows.

>> didn't know it was so dangerous on the "today" show. do you burn?

>> we need that charred top.

>> absolutely.

>> doesn't that smell good?

>> and still burning . be careful.

>> there you go.

>> we will customize some chocolate.

>> customizing your very own chocolate bar . this starts at five bucks. this is they go from gold flakes to pop rocks to gummy bears , graham crackers , cinnamon toast crunch. you can say, i'm sorry, happy anniversary. nice option.

>> how does that work? punch them into the bottom?

>> yeah. you pick all your ingredients online. milk chocolate and white chocolate to choose from.

>> you design your own label ?

>> yes. lots of options.

>> how about a good cup of coffee .

>> this is like your own mini brew. fill the top of the line . put in your own scoop of coffee, like having your own french press. fill it to the top and push it down and you don't need a coffee maker .

>> romo is stealing our thunder here.

>> he's allowed over.

>> you all right? are you okay?

>> the segment's reached an all all-time low.

>> can we get a towel for katie here?

>> john legend is the only one in this studio with a towel. oh, some mantihose! i knew these would come in handy. the mantihose, finally we found the reason.

>> is that your excuse for not wearing them now? they're covered in coffee. you still have to wear them, you know. oh, god.

>> this is not getting you off the hook.

>> moving on, flip clips, hold this. this is cool. if you have a video on your smartphone, you can create your very own flip book . if you remember these when you were little, you can create your own animation. this is you guys skiing. nice auction for 50 bucks.

>> me and natalie skiing.

>> my gosh. no slope at all.

>> it was a neat one.

>> very different, unique type of gift. this is from instagram and people take thousands of pictures and food, too. you can create stickers and squares and mini books. these mini books are magnets to each other.

>> the corffee cup and as we go to break, put on the windshield wiper glasses. this is a volunteer basis. windshield wipers . learn more about these gadgets at test test test test test test