TODAY   |  February 20, 2013

Cash-strapped USPS to sell clothing line

The TODAY anchors, along with Jenna Bush Hager, chat about the hot topics of the day, including the struggling U.S. postal service’s recent announcement that they will sell a new line of all-weather apparel and accessories called “Rain Heat & Snow.”

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>> how about our take three?

>> yes. let's go to our take three. our take one, this is a real story . postal service apparel, cash-strapped united states postal service has announced plans to launch, get this, a new line of all weather apparel and accessories next year. premium department stores called rain, heat and snow.

>> because who knows weather like they do, right?

>> postal service gear.

>> get the shorts.

>> if you want the shorts or hat, it's up to you. i don't know if you can get that stuff. it's not going to plug the hole in the budget but, hey, why not? reband a little bit.

>> make a cute halloween costume .

>> halloween? i don't think that's what they're looking at.

>> i would wear that.

>> they'll have a women's line coming out.

>> anything that can save handwritten letters. i'll buy a murse.

>> they have those big bags.

>> that's a man bag.

>> that's a man bag.

>> i don't know that a lot of people associate the united states postal service with fashion.

>> if they could do it in a fashionable way. remember u.p.s., people were wearing u.p.s. hats and jackets. it was a trend for a while.

>> got a cool winter jacket, i'll throw one of those on.

>> go out and deliver people's mail.

>> i think that's against the law.

>> i was going to say.

>>> take two, this hits close to home , since we have a baby bump on the set with us. this is the royal baby bump for kate middleton . she showed up in public, first event since she's had sickness. got of lot of attention for her bump. great britain's best-selling authors, hilary mantel .

>> yes.

>> said the following about kate middleton , quote, kate middleton is a shop window mannequin with no personality of her own, entirely defined by what she wore. she went on to say she was made only to give birth.

>> wow!

>> things like jointed doll on which certain rags are hung, talking about kate middleton and that her only point and purpose is basically to breed an heir to the royal throne, making her sound like --

>> nice lady.

>> forgive my ignorance. do we care what hilary mantel is saying? do we know her?

>> she wrote that book that has to do with royalty and she has her clearly. there was such backlash in the u.k., even prime minister came out and said this is absolutely ludicrous and ridiculous, that kate is an incredible ambassador for the country and royalty.

>> freedom of the press. you can say what you want even if you're an idiot.

>> that's the problem, sadly. sadly, when you sign up for roles -- she didn't even sign up for it, but marrying somebody. i was born into it. you sign up for a role where you were criticized. i was never called a mannequin. maybe that's because i don't have the figure that she has. she looks good.

>> you're doing all right yourself there.

>> you wear that bump well.

>>> this is fascinating. take three. it's called the you're not invited to my wedding alert. apparently people are doing this now. you have to draw the line.

>> what?

>> let's say where you're having the reception, it holds 100 people. we've all been through this, who to invite and not to invite.

>> for economic reasons.

>> a lot of people are reaching out to the people who are not invited as well as those they're inviting and saying, listen --

>> you didn't make the cut.

>> you didn't make the cut.

>> sending a noninvite?

>> sending a noninvite.

>> you are not not invited to our wedding.

>> over text messages?

>> text, e-mail. jenna, you're not invited.

>> that's harsh.

>> ridiculous. slightly narcissistic, that people would care if they weren't invited. do you know what i mean ?

>> right. i don't think it's meant to rub sand in it.

>> i think it does.

>> you might be invited but here is why i can't invite you.

>> why not call them and say, listen, i'm really sorry, i would love to have everybody there but unfortunately i have to make some cuts.

>> what kind of a world do we -- this has been going on for years.

>> i think people understand, exactly. they understand if they're not invited.

>> frankly, some of those people are relieved they're not invited.

>> let me give up the weekend that i could really enjoy myself and come to your wedding. come on.

>> do you ever give out those invites that you really don't want the person to come and they say yes and you go, oh!

>> now i know why you asked me to lunch.

>> and you said yes.

>> oh! no.

>> why did i ask? apparently that's what people are doing now. you're on the b list. good talking to you.

>>> our bonus take, we showed these to you yesterday, anchor cartoon makeovers, from the new iphone app called i made face. we asked you by poll which of our cartoon characters looked the most like us. we got some of the photographs, some of the pictures that came out of the i made face app. you didn't believe that one whatsoever. natalie did a little better. al, they really liked yours.

>> al's is great.

>> oh, al, that's -- that looks like you, the cartoon version.

>> our winner, i'm told, is david gregory .

>> i have to agree with that one.

>> oh, yeah.

>> come on.

>> he won 60% of the votes. you got 21%.

>> he looks like a character out of archer.

>> he does. he does.

>> wow! that's almost a dead match.

>> it is.

>> if you put the camera down a little bit you can see the animated man purse.

>> and a baby bjorn.

>> take that little bag and parade it around?

>> he does.

>> i've seen him.

>> walks into a meeting with the man purse.

>> it's a good way to get credibility.