TODAY   |  February 20, 2013

Martha Stewart shares her top Oscar party tips

It’s time to roll out the red carpet and get ready to celebrate the Academy Awards in style. Martha Stewart demonstrates how you can re-create the glitz and glam of Oscar night in your own home with gilded glasses and gold votives.

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>> oscar party .

>> announcer: martha is brought to you by macy's.

>>> how to throw an oscar party on sunday night worthy of hollywood's best, martha stewart from martha 's living.

>> hi. it's fun to eat and drink and celebrate your favorite movies.

>> you'll show us how we can sass up and class up our party.

>> yes. the first thing is the fantastic gold glaze and gold paint that's permanent, dishwasher proof. all available at the craft store. take a glass, your favorite glass, inexpensive glasses and to change them from ordinary to extraordinary, just dip them into just a little bit like that.

>> all right.

>> very nice.

>> and change the whole thing. you modernize, glamorize the glass. it's just adding a little bit of glitz to your glassware.

>> we let it drip for a bit.

>> until it dries. you have it on these little clamps with the hooks.

>> even your clamps are classy.

>> you all have one of these stands at home. you could use a broomstick across two chairs and put newspaper on the floor to catch it.

>> then you bake it.

>> no, no, you don't have to. one of those you might have to bake. read the directions.

>> okay, i will.

>> this is another nice way to make a cylinder. you get flowers every day, don't you, from some admirer?

>> i do. yes.

>> don't throw these away. you just wrap them with gold paper like this. double stick tape. and you make yourself a beautiful holder for a pillar candle . stick the candle in there. light that on your table. make a whole arrangement. isn't that pretty?

>> and no baking.

>> sort of recycling. when you get so many flowers -- you must get a lot, too.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> and for vallen type's day. your room is full. don't throw those away. they're really useful. edible glitter. you can put this op a plate like that. edible.

>> and some sugar or some kind of --

>> dip the glass in a little bit of water and stick it into the edible glitter. you.

>> kind of like a margarita salt.

>> you can do that for any drink but it dresses up the drink and people won't believe that you can eat it, but you can. perfectly safe.

>> isn't that pretty?

>> and don't forget gold stars . you can buy the stars, wrap them around your lapkin.

>> wait, did you just say lapkin?

>> instead of napkin. you can take the glitter and glitter alarminger stars, put them all over your table. this is a big night . you have your favorite movies picked out, your favorite actresses, actors?

>> yes.

>> who do you think will win the best picture ?

>> i think "argo."

>> or "lincoln."

>> are you going to go to an oscar party or are you going to host one?

>> i'm on a plane. i have it tivo'ed or whatever you do nowadays. one of those things. and these are cupcakes that you can glitter.

>> what are with the packages?

>> oh, from right here in lincoln center -- rockefeller center . delicious japanese mochi, edible.

>> very cool. martha , thank you