TODAY   |  February 20, 2013

Four dead in California carjacking spree

Authorities in Southern California are searching for a motive after a student went on a carjacking and shooting spree, killing one woman, 20, in his home, before killing two more and himself. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> people are dead in a series of shootings and car jackings in southern california . nbc's miguel almaguer have the latest as police continue to search for a motive.

>> reporter: the shooting spree began inside this suburban home an hour outside of los angeles . police say 20-year-old ali sayed gunned down a woman in her 20s as his parents slept upstairs tuesday morning.

>> what the woman was doing inside his home is still under investigation and not known at this time.

>> reporter: the suspect fled the scene , armed with a shotgun. sayed then carjacked a man in a truck, uttering a few chilling words before letting him go.

>> he did approach him and say something to the effect of i killed somebody. today's my last day.

>> reporter: just down the highway, sayed is said to have opened fire on multiple drivers before a second deadly carjacking also in orange county . detectives say 69-year-old melvin ed war wards was orred out of his bmw and then executed.

>> there's no indication of a motive. there's no connection to a conspiracy.

>> reporter: with the suspect on the run, police say sayed shot and killed 26-year-old jeremy lewis in a utility truck. his third carjacking. with police closing in on sayed , investigators say he jumped out of his stolen car and took his own life with the same shotgun he used to kill three others. miguel almaguer, nbc