TODAY   |  February 20, 2013

David Gregory gives Jenna Bush Hager parenting tips

As TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager awaits the arrival of her first child in a couple of months, NBC’s David Gregory, who is a dad himself, shows off baby gear for dads and demonstrates how to use a stylish, camouflage "Diaper Dude Boba Carrier."

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>> more stay-at-home dads now than ever. which means with more stay-at-home dads, more active dads, more dad gear, which we have right here.

>> the gear is great.

>> david gregory has actually put on this baby -- he wanted to teach me how to put on a baby bjorn.

>> i wanted henry to know bechds the camo baby bjorn, which can help with the holding and bonding for dads, with the pinky on the pinky.

>> the fact that you put a binky on your pinky --

>> once you get over the initial cooties, ift falls on the floor, dads go like this and give it right back to the baby. henry will be reluctant at first. you can sit down. when you hold the baby, you can't be shy. give the baby like ernesto here a real hold.

>> that's ernesto.

>> grab by the leg. this is good for dads who are afraid to hold. grab on to the leg. if the baby were -- this is not a real baby. if the baby were to fall, you still have him by the leg. that's important.

>> i'm just glad you're man enough to say the word binky.

>> exactly. this is a great take on what you both are expecting. and we're so excited for you.

>> we have to include the men.

>> it's not just about you.

>> what?

>> no, it is. it's all