TODAY   |  February 20, 2013

Does Oscar Pistorius’ story add up?

TODAY’s Professionals – Star Jones, Donny Deutsch, and Dr. Nancy Snyderman – discuss the topics making headlines today, including whether Oscar Pistorius’ claims that his girlfriend’s shooting was accidental make sense given the evidence.

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>>> putting in privacy. i'm sure you heard the president played golf with tiger woods . i don't know. i thought you would appreciate that, as an ad guy. tiger woods and the president play golf over the weekend in florida. the white house does not release a photo of that outing, nor do they let the pool cameras take a picture of it. some are up in arms, white house press specifically saying here you go again, denying access. do you think the white house should have released a photo or do you think they are within their rights? star?

>> i think this is a silly story. the only people that are up in arms are the white house press corps . i don't think there's any person in the united states of america sitting around, while they're trying to get a job worrying about whether or not they could cover the president on the golf course . it's ridiculous.

>> doupg tdo you think the white house 's decision to not release a photo, do you think it's because they're concerned about the image?

>> the boehner thing was an absolute play on part of the white house to show they're in solidarity, that these two can talk and play and forming a deal. enough is enough. star is right, the white house press corps is upset. this president has not necessarily made himself available as other presidents have. and therein lies the rub.

>> i believe tiger woods , there's still a lot of toxicity.

>> that's right.

>> particularly for women and you go eww. all of a sudden, the president, boys day out f i was managing his image, i would not have him putting around with tiger.

>> famous not just for golf and maybe the white house doesn't want an image with him. the white house press corps says, to their credit, it's not about an issue of golf and whether they want a picture that have, but alarminger issues of access and transparency.

>> this weekend, if anything -- who cares?

>> there's so much going on in our world. we couldn't care about golf.

>> calculated move. don't kid yourself.

>>> pistorius' story. riveting bail hearing in south africa . lot of facts are coming out. we talked about this earlier in the show. do you feel his defense, his version of events have been significantly undermined by what we heard in court?

>> from what we've heard thus far. we shouldn't be hearing this much. when you provide the prosecution with information about what happened, no matter how minute it is, even if you don't have all the details, it gives me something to argue against the forensic evidence. and if it doesn't line up, you're in trouble.

>> aside from the court case , donny, what are your deep thoughts about somebody who had this brilliant image, beloved not just in south africa , but internationally.

>> nike, lance armstrong , michael vick . where are our heroes? it's almost to the point that there's nothing that could surprise us anymore as far as he's innocent or guilty, i'm not an attorney. it certainly looks like it's lining up against him.

>> as mary carillo said yesterday, we were caught up in this story. she said i helped put the halo on his head. i think we all did. spotlighted him. bichlt o. medical story. human story. we all helped to anoint him. the question will be were those steroids, was he injecting? if you've never seen someone get jittery and lose their temper and edge on steroids, it is a frightening thing.

>> one of the facts we'll be watching to see how that develops in the courtroom.

>> absolutely.

>>> mindy mccready took her own life. she had a long struggle with drugs and at one point in her life had been on this show " celebrity rehab " with dr. drew. in the past 18 months four of the show's 43 participants have died. this is the fifth one.

>> wow!

>> you raise the question -- certainly it's not the show's fault.

>> no.

>> the larger question is, do these kind of shows help or hurt?

>> droou pinsky is a friend of mine. he is really great at what he does. but this underscores addiction is tough. it is not a quick fix. we watch the show because they're train wrecks, not because we expect people to die, but because we expect -- we get some perverse pleasure over watching people struggle. i'm frankly not surprised by the numbers.

>> you think the show crosses the line?

>> i think it crosses the line. i don't know if these people are of sound mind appropriate enough to make an appropriate decision. are they able to make a decision like this? secondly if you go back and watch the movie network , which predicted this ridiculousness in tv, we surpassed it.

>> let me read a statement from dr. drew. i have not treated mindy mccready for years, i reached out upon hearing the aparent suicide of her boyfriend and father of her younger child. she was devastated. although she was fearful of the stigma and ridicule she agreed with me that she needed to make her health and safety a priority.

>> don't forget the celebrity part of it. that plays to the camera.

>> let's end on a much, much lighter note. to recline or not to recline? reclining in their seats, said it's the end of civilization, airline should ban it. are you recliners?

>> i am not. i think it's rude. i like the bulkhead. people don't put their seats in nye lap.

>> don't shoot the player. it's up to the airlines. if it can recline that far --

>> but it's rude.

>> i think like everything else, it's --

>> it's so rude.

>> i'm in my seat. i'm going to do what i need to do in my seat.

>> seriously? you're going to put your tray in my lap jus just because you want to lie down?

>> if i have a six-hour flight to los angeles , which i do later on today --

>> i'm kicking you the whole way.

>> i'm happy to have the middle seat between them.

>> there it is.

>> star, donny and nancy, thank