TODAY   |  February 20, 2013

How to draw Al’s signature sun doodle

TODAY’s Al Roker demonstrates how to draw his famous sun doodle, a skill passed on to him by his father, Al Roker Sr.

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>> us about the special skill your dad taught you. this is part of our series, tips my parents taught me.

>> my dad was an accomplished artist. at the time, back when he was co -- couldn't get a job and he had to learn how to make a living. he drove a bus. he was artistically -- he loved cartooning. that's my signature, in fact. i draw a little --

>> you doodle every day.

>> every day. that was us as kids and hanging out. i want to show you guys how to d doodle. here comes david . take the big marker. put on your artiste beret.

>> i'm not going to put on something that will make me look silly.

>> no, you would never do that.

>> unsheath your marker.

>> marker.

>> marker.

>> okay. you start at the top and you're just going to make a circle. okay?

>> all right.

>> there you go. now, two little dots here. okay?

>> uh-huh.

>> and a line over each one. kind of an arch.

>> eyebrows, okay.

>> the attitude is always the best. the mouth is very important. come up, start here on the right. bring it up. and then a little line across.

>> like a smirk almost.

>> and bring it back down and then here. and then you add a little tongue. no comments, david . and now a series of triangles. and there you go. and there's your sun.

>> very nice.

>> david 's so bright his mama calls him son. and i sign it on the bottom and i think our winner is savannah!

>> yeah.

>> very good.

>> thank you. finally, i can do something. we are back