TODAY   |  February 19, 2013

Lady Gaga confined to wheelchair names ‘Emma’

Entertainment expert Alicia Quarles shares the details of Fergie and Josh Duhamel’s pregnancy announcement, how Lady Gaga unveiled her new wheels after her recent hip injury, and Oscar predictions ahead of Sunday’s awards show.

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>>> back now with all that is hot in hollywood. and back with us is alicia quals. we understand a little baby hump is on the way for fergie.

>> i like that. she and josh duhamel have tweeted it. they sent out photos of themselves as babies and baby makes three. he says it's coming. we're excited for them. married since 2009 . she's 37. he's 40. congratulations to them.

>> they are so cute.

>> will make great parents.

>> twitter baby announcement has been the way people in hollywood are taking to make these kind of announcements.

>> obviously, everybody has publicists. this is a way for them coming directly to the people. a lot of speculation the last couple of months that she was pregnant. she wouldn't do interviews. they knew it was going to leak anyways. why not do it yourself and do it on a holiday? smart.

>> there you go.

>> everyone is doing twitter announcements. didn't lady gaga announce on twitter she was canceling her tour?

>> 25 days. her hip is in severe pain. she'll have surgery. she is in a wheelchair that she has named emma. if you've ever been to a lady gaga show she works so hard and there's only so much your body can take. she's in a lot of pain.

>> hip surgery is in store for her. sounds like she won't be able to get back out there on the concert scene for a while.

>> absolutely not. a artists these days make their money from tours. for her to cancel this many dates you know she has to be in a lot of pain and surgery.

>> we saw the picture of the wheelchair emma she named it, twieted that out as well. let's talk oscar race. oscars are this sunday. all eyes are on the race for best picture . a lot of people assuming that "lincoln" has it locked up.

>> i'm hearing " argo " may have it locked up. british equivalent of the oscars picked " argo ." that's a very good indicator. also oscars did not give ben affleck a best director nominee. that was the big snub. this could be the makeup for it.

>> i have still yet to see any of them.

>> sit down and have a movie.

>> come to my house.

>> as you mentioned, ben affleck out. he was snubbed from that?

>> snubbed from best director . so was kathryn bigelow for "zero dark thirty." she won a couple of years ago. it will be a tight race. best actor , hugh jackman , daniel day lewis , two oscar favorites. there's no sherlocks going into sunday.

>> how about best director ? i've been hearing certain things, even are roger ebert , famed film critic , saying "silver linings playbook" may have -- with david o. russell as the film director.

>> ebert, as you said "silver linings playbook," besides cooper being nominated, going into sunday there are no sherlocks except i'm putting my money on " argo ," best picture .

>> okay. all right, ladies.

>> prince jackson, the 16-year-old. of course, michael jackson 's oldest child.

>> look at him.

>> has a new role as an " entertainment tonight " correspondent.

>> prince jackson, 16, is working for e.t. for a little bit, done some interviews for "oz." this is called stunting. it's about people having expertise and using that knowledge to bring to the table. so prince michael branching out. janet jackson was here last week, being honored. she is engaged. jacksons are moving on and moving up with their lives.

>> he has matured so much.

>> he has.

>> taking on this role. maturity he owes to michael jackson .

>> michael. and his father starred in "the whiz" and he wants to direct and this is right up his alley.

>> they are brilliant kids. coming