TODAY   |  February 19, 2013

Anjelica Huston on singing, scandal on ‘Smash’

Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston plays theater producer Eileen Rand on NBC’s “Smash,” where her Marliyn Monroe musical “Bombshell” is fighting its way to Broadway in the midst of scandal. She discusses the challenges her character faces, and how she was convinced to sing on camera.

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>>> plays, whose musical bombshell is fighting its way to broadway amidst scandal and, what's worse, rewrites.

>> glamour, power, sex. new broadway. good job.

>> angelica houston joins us. good morning. so good to see you.

>> great to be here.

>> have you been fun doing this show?

>> i've had a great time.

>> you come mostly from the world of film. do you enjoy doing television?

>> i do. it's consistent. i know where to go every morning. there are no mysteries.

>> you can get yourself into the routine. the show within the show, bombshell in the process of undergoing some changes and the show itself "smash" as well. for people just catching on to the second season, what's new? what should we be looking for?

>> we have two shows going now " hit list ," the show that derek wills, our rather snarky director, has taken over with a young group. that's more of a sort of cutting edge musical and then there's "bombshell," which is my baby. and katharine mcphee is with the " hit list " group and megan hi will. ty is with the "bombshell" group. we're warming up for the tonys with list of great stars, jennifer hudson .

>> you brought in as the producer last year this investor who now turns out to be a little shady. he bank rolled the play. now you're worried about where that money is coming from. with that, we introduce your husband. that brings a whole anew set of problems.

>> jerry, my ex-husband, is a nightmare. and i'm doing everything i can to succeed without him, even though he throws all kinds of obstacles in my path. my love interest , nick, is a little shady, but he's charming and lovely and, hopefully, he will come back to me.

>> what has it been like for you to work with this cast? you have been so revered. how have they treated you when angelica houston walks into the room is this.

>> they have been so nice. if i put together a wish list, i couldn't come up with better people to work with. i love debra messing . everybody is a dream. christian. the girls are fantastic and they work endlessly, ceaselessly to make this all happen.

>> and they all convinced you to sing.

>> i know.

>> you are breaking into song on "smash." how did they get you to do that?

>> they merely had to ask, matter of fact. i am a frustrated singer.

>> pretty good, i have to say.

>> sure.

>> i have another one this season that i'm very excited about.

>> now you, of course, famously won your oscar for best supporting actress for "prizzi's honor." who are you looking for this weekend? do you have a favorite film this year?

>> i love " life of pi ." i haven't heard that much about " life of pi ." there's been a lot of "argo" talk and a lot of "lincoln" but i think ang lee is a genius. because i'm in love with animals, it spoke to me.

>> it may come away with some hardware.

>> it still feels like the underdog in some way. i would lo everybody to see it get some good prizes.

>> it just got some good attention from you. you can catch "smash" tonight at 10:00 , 9:00 central right here on nbc.