TODAY   |  February 19, 2013

TODAY Anchors’ ‘iMade Face’ cartoon portraits

A new free app “iMade Face” lets you create cartoon portraits using a basic template and choosing from facial features, hair options, face shapes and more and the TODAY anchors get a preview of their cartoon selves. They also discuss Michelle Obama’s bangs, which she’s dubbing her “midlife crisis,” and the end of Microsoft’s Hotmail email addresses.

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>> my midlife crisis.

>> i would have loved to have bungee jumped with the first lady.

>> let's make it a segment. what was your incident for the bangs?

>> i just needed a change. a lot of women sometimes do it when they are sort of having some sort of change in their lives or want to feel new and different. she did it at 49. i did it a little while ago. after a while you get tired of the same old do all the time.

>> i never cut hair . i always add hair.

>> how do you do that? i've never been able to do that.

>> it's like these little clips, extensions.

>> clip ons, weaves, wigs.

>> did you ever change your hair?

>> once when i was 3 years old.

>> part down the middle?

>> i had the bouffant since i was 3 years old.

>> some would like to have the bouffant.

>> it's all real, too.

>> roker used to have the bouffant.

>> women when they are looking through their purses, they pull out hair. it's the creepiest thing you've ever seen.

>> like an animal lives in their purse.

>> exactly.

>> i know.

>>> take two, you've got mail. this is a very sad story for me personally. i'll explain in a moment. will replace hot mail as microsoft's web mail service. when web mail user goes to hot mail .com, he or she will be rerouted to i may be one of the last americans with hot mail .

>> i know a few people.

>> i am mocked relentlessly, a very business-like e-mail, laughter, mockery.

>> do you have an aol account , too, you want to tell us about?

>> no.

>> do you have an aol account ?

>> no, no, but i still have a blackberry.

>> that's okay. lot of people.

>> aol, who is still paying for e-mail when there's so many free options out there? for a long time they held on to the fees.

>> sure.

>> hot mail is my first e-mail in 1998 . i never saw a reason to change it.

>> people mock you?

>> in a fun way.

>> do you have a fun e- mail address name?

>> i'm not going to give it out. i thought about it for a second and caught myself.

>> what does that say about you, willie?

>> people think it means i'm --

>> outdated?

>> technologically outdated or ignorant. here is what i say.

>> okay.

>> i'm a throwback, old school. like rolling in a ' 57 chevy . it's cool. you just don't know it's cool yet.

>> it's an e-mail account, really? come on.

>> i tried.

>> let it go now. we need an intervention here? we need to talk you down?

>> are you going to switch over to outlook?

>> just to say i switched and i have to tell everyone my new e-mail.

>> they're going to migrate the accounts by the summer.

>> if you have a hot mail address you get to keep it.

>> cosmetic.

>> when they got rid of they still --

>> you keep your hot mail . when you log in, there's a whole new interface from outlook.

>> a guy who held on to his blackberry until like a month ago and now is fully migrated to the --

>> don't feel any shame if you haven't. come on.

>> old school.

>> lighten up.

>> the chevy. you're the chevy.

>> the ' 57 chevy .

>> that's what we always say about you.

>> i don't understand, if somebody would mock you.

>> human nature . i think lena dunham onh a line on "girls" where she made fun of a guy with hot mail .

>> i'm still watch iing reruns of --

>> the cosby show .

>> there it is.

>> a team. wow! we know a lot about al.

>>> let's talk about take three. i don't even know what this is. this is a hugely popular new free app that lets create portraits of yourself. that is not a cartoon.

>> are you sure?

>> here it is.

>> you start out with a face and there are templates and you can change -- almost like doing a police sketch. you can scan through, swipe through and change nose, mouth, eyes, put on glasses, facial hair and keep switching.

>> here is natalie . let's see how we did here.

>> cartoon natalie is --

>> you say that's natalie ? okay.

>> artsy comic book character.

>> al?

>> there's al looking good in real life . let's see the cartoon. looks like you.

>> that's squinty old man. hey, what are you -- you kids get off my lawn! and i would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for you kids.

>> you meddling kids .

>> you look angry. sonny, beautiful sonny.

>> how did we do?

>> i'll take it. i got a tan.

>> your hair got lighter, your skin got darker.

>> how did you know i was going to miami this weekend?

>> now matt and savannah. let's see how they made out.

>> that looks like matt.

>> that does look like matt with the high and tight.

>> that doesn't look anything like savannah.

>> no.

>> they enlisted matt. he just got into the military.

>>> go to our website and vote the most accurate portrayal. i'm thinking willie.

>> or angry man.

>> i like al.


>> the app is i made face. we're doing this, what just for fun?

>> it's a hot app.

>> number one app.

>> why do people do it?

>> maybe they can e-mail you in hot mail .

>> and sonny will give out my hot mail address.

>> no problem.

>> tootallwilliegeist.