TODAY   |  February 19, 2013

Get away in Oscar-worthy style

Kate Maxwell of is on with creative travel ideas pegged to the Oscars.  Her “star-worthy destinations” include a trip to Philadelphia, the location of “Silver Linings Playbook,” the Berkeley Hotel in Richmond, Va. (a location of “Lincoln”), and many more.

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>>> "today's" travel. this morning with the academy awards sunday, we have oscar-themed getaways for you to consider. kate maxwell is editor in chief of good morning.

>> good morning.

>> all these ideas are inspired by the movies but you don't have to have seen the movie or be a movie buff.

>> no, because they're all great cities. if you're a movie buff it's just an added benefit.

>> let's start with "silver linings playbook," philadelphia. almost another character in this movie.

>> absolutely, yes. bradley cooper unfortunately is not part of the package. everything else just about is. it costs $259 a night at the palamar hotel. you get breakfast at the diner that pat and tiffany have their first nondate, raisin bran and tea. vncht i.p. tour of the field where the philadelphia eagle play much it's a fun package. 20% off philadelphia runners. buy your running kit and re-create those scenes.

>> next on our list "argo." not in tehran. in washington, d.c., a spy thriller .

>> easier to get through. secret agent package at donovan house hotel, named for the person who created the cia actually, bill donovan . "argo" exhibits, fake passport and business cards . it costs $155 a night. and you also get a $25 voucher to the restaurant so you can have your martini shaken not stirred.

>> sounds pretty good right now. "beasts of the southern wild," a trip to the new orleans .

>> great any time of year. mardi gras just finished. better time to go now because it's not quite as hectic. "beasts of the southern wild" is filmed in new orleans and quvenzhane wallis actually grew up in new orleans . and beasts at check in, you get some extras.

>> a lot of scenes were shot around richmond, virginia?

>> richmond was the capital for most of the civil war of the confederate states . tickets to two of them including the con fed rassi museum and museum of the civil war .

>> historical sites right there that you'll be able to check out as well.

>> yeah.

>> last, but not least, if you have the means, why not go to paris in honor of " les miserables ," but in a nicer time.

>> changed a lot since the 19th century where this film is set, yes. the package is a little more expensive, $295 a night. not terrible for paris. you get a free electric so you can take in sites. hotel le