TODAY   |  February 19, 2013

Savannah’s mom: Everyone should know how to make a bed

Nancy Guthrie, mother of TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie, joins the show live from her bedroom in Tucson, Ariz., early this morning to demonstrate how to make a bed with proper hospital corners. After her demonstration, the anchors try to emulate her example.

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>>> mom is up early in tucson, arizona. nancy guthrie joins us now. hi, mom. good morning.

>> hi, savannah. hi, everybody.

>> hi, mom.

>> hi.

>> i see you've already made your bed even though it's 3:00 am there or whatever. why was this an important skill to teach me?

>> well, i think everybody needs to know how to make a bed. and so when the time came to teach you guys how to make a bed, this is what i tried to teach you anyway.

>> this is not just your standard bed making. this is the hospital corners bed making. we're talking you could bounce a quarter off of it, right, nancy ?

>> natalie , don't put me to the test. it's too early.

>> she's back.

>> how difficult was sav apa when you tried to teach her this? how much screaming and stomping was involved?

>> all three of the kids thought it was a really worthless skill.

>> but to this day you make your bed exactly this way, don't you?

>> i don't make my bed tech nik technically.

>> that's a legal term. make your bed.

>> i'm a little intermittent. sometimes i shove the sheets and throw the comforter over t mom, you're not listening to this, are you? in a pinch if i had to make a hospital bed i think i could because of this delightful skill my mother gave me.

>> an organized mind.

>> good start to the day.

>> first, you show everybody how to do it, okay? and then you can judge how we do it.

>> okay. that sounds like a plan. basically, since my bed's already made, the most important thing you have to do is make sure the top sheet is really pulled in here tightly. that gives you the smooth corner. then you pull this over and make kind of like a triangle.

>> i remember that.

>> how do you make the triangle?

>> tuck it under tightly as you can. here is the little skill. see this nice corner? as tight as can be. then in the middle of the night it doesn't pull out.

>> you're doing it all wrong.

>> flip this over.

>> no. oh, my gosh!

>> and the flowers are still standing.

>> oh, natalie can do it even with a broken hand.

>> i've got a father in the military.

>> oh, that's true.

>> check it out, mom. look at natalie .

>> what do you think, mom?

>> perfect. natalie 's is wonderful. david's is wrong.

>> we'll show david's.

>> i'll come over and make savannah's bed for her, nancy .

>> come on. you've never made a bed in your life before, have you?

>> nancy , he needs help.

>> oh, well --

>> there, that's all right. he's pulling it. that's good.

>> you know, just --

>> now your shirt's untucked.

>> mom, thank you so much. it's so good to see you. thanks for coming on the show. i know it's early there.

>> yes. bye-bye.

>> i'll teach you a skill. it's called napping. it's a good one to have. al, it's your turn tomorrow.

>> that's right. we'll share that tomorrow.