TODAY   |  February 19, 2013

Seeing double: Woman gives birth to two sets of twins

Tressa Montalvo, who gave birth to two sets of identical twins, spoke to TODAY from Houston, Texas about the remarkable occurrence.  She and her husband, Manuel, who already have a two-and-a-half-year old, now find themselves the parents of five boys, and Tressa says they’ll be waiting to decide if they try again later for a girl.

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>>> back now at 8:11 with a very special valentine's day delivery for a couple, giving birth to, wait for it, two sets of identical twins. with us from the hospital in texas this morning along with her husband, manuel and her 2-year-old son, memphis . dr. brian kershon delivered ace, blaine, cash and dylan. tresa, congratulations. how are you doing?

>> thank you very much. i'm getting better each day.

>> yeah. you look well. and the babies are doing okay?

>> thank you. they are doing wonderful, yes.

>> that's great to hear. this is an incredible story because of the odds that we'll get to as we look at a picture of your darling boys here. you found out you were three months in, 12 weeks. you find out you're having two sets of twins.

>> correct.

>> aside from needing to sit down, what was your reaction?

>> like i said, if i wasn't already on the table lying down, i'm pretty sure i would have hit the floor .

>> manuel , what about you?

>> oh, the first thing i said was home run and i started jumping up and down.

>> easy for you to say, home run .

>> yeah.

>> you already have your boy, memphis . you're going to add four more. doctor, let me bring you into this. without being too invasive, they shared this. not using any fertility drugs , no in vitro here. this is incredible to have it happen naturally, correct?

>> that is correct, the incidence of having two identical sets of twins, extremely rare occurrence, 1 in a million.

>> tell me what delivery is like. i am the proud father of twins. i remember that well. but to have two sets, what was it like?

>> it was quite exciting. i was nervous there the morning of, waiting for my boys to make an appearance in the world. but i definitely -- all the thoughts that were coming to my head is there are four human beings .

>> sure.

>> that are about to come out into this world that are my responsibility and they are going to be home with me one day and we are now going to become a family of seven. and it's amazing.

>> manuel , how is memphis doing with it all? all of a sudden a lot more people will be commanding attention. good news is that in about three years it will get a little bit easier.

>> he's excited. we actually brought him up here to look at his brothers. he was happy about it. and he couldn't wait to touch them and play with them.

>> that's great. tresa, you still want a girl. you don't have that. are you ready to have more children to see if you can have a girl as well?

>> actually, my husband was the one who was quick to answer for us. in all of the interviews, are you guys ready to try for a girl? for myself i thought can we get through this first before i answer that?

>> congratulations to all of you and god bless them. it's going to be quite a ride.

>> yes, sir. thank you very much.