TODAY   |  February 18, 2013

Willie, Steve Harvey test out top toys for 2013

Stephanie Oppenheim from shows TODAY’s Willie Geist and guest host Steve Harvey some of the hottest toys of the year, including spy toys, lie detectors and a new twist on the classic Hot Wheels.

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>>> coming soon to a store near you, hottest toys from toy fair . more than 1,000 companies showed off their new product at the massive trade show that just wrapped up. stephanie oppenheim is here from toy portfolio with her choices.

>> classics with a twist. you both remember hot wheels , right? this is new and make mees happy because i love hot wheels , too. you're able to make your own hot wheels . pick your color wax, put them in. seven minutes later after it's totally cool, it will emerge.

>> are you serious?

>> like a press and a mold?

>> and you're good to go.

>> this is a car painter?

>> car maker. there we go. marble runs i love. this is from happy, new accelerator. this is the type of toy that gets handed down from generation to generation. it's an open-ended puzzle. you can work on this together. a good one for vacation days like today.

>> drop it in here, that's it, huh?

>> there you go. you can make it however you want to make it.

>> all right.

>> that's a little pricier. this is from hex bugs. they now have little extra -- now that they will go down the tracks and up the tracks because of it.

>> vibrating, is that we're doing?

>> yes, hex. there we go. very cool. now conception toys --

>> hey, hey, hey, you know the money you could make with this?

>> steve! it's a children's segment.

>> let me bring you over to barbie land.

>> come on, man.

>> they call them toys.

>> whole new category thanks to lego. very barbie-esque mega blocks . you can see the difference here they light up. led lights which make them loads of fun.

>> wow, what is this?

>> mind storm. probably give him a little something to eat. there we go. and you could build an introduction to robotics.

>> start -- lot of fun. 17 different models of that. also pricey but a wonderful way to introduce your kids. i don't know. what do you think about spy toys? this is a lie detector . put your fingers on here. who wants to try?

>> for real?

>> yeah. this works like a real lie detector .

>> want me to try it?

>> hook it up to your ear over there.

>> the ear?

>> it will tell you here whether -- are you having fun ? it will move over to truth.

>> this is the most fun i've ever had in my life.

>> we're going over to the --

>> let me get that.

>> over here, more from spin master .

>> well, it worked.

>> it worked. okay. this is like what i call the james bond section. here you go. little camera in here, 36 0 degrees. you don't want your little brother or sister coming into the room. you have the laser defense system.

>> come on, really?

>> which will sound. there we go.

>> really quickly, as we go out --

>> they're good to go. this one, hold it on the bottom of your hand. and these are from spin master . they should be flying. yes.

>> indeed.

>> mine is flying.

>> there we go.